Café Tacvba & Fans Celebrate Tomorrow’s Twentieth Anniversary Of Seminal Latin Alternative Album “re”

"Café Tacvba & Fans Celebrate Tomorrow’s Twentieth Anniversary Of Seminal Latin Alternative Album “re”"

image004“Cafe Tacuba, from Mexico, has its ears to the world. Its 1994 album, ”Re” is the equivalent of the Beatles’ White Album for the Rock en Espanol movement that has spread across the Spanish-speaking world. On ”Re,” Cafe Tacuba’s music goes idiom-hopping through two hemispheres, from Mexican brass band music, bolero and ranchera to Brazilian samba to Jamaican ska to punk-rock; the lyrics contemplate topics from thwarted love to environmental destruction.” – The New York Times (1997)

“Mexico City’s Café Tacuba breathes new life into rock music, reaffirming faith in form while pushing it forward more aggressively and artfully then anyone since the Beatles “ – Newsweek

“Café Tacuba, is Mexico’s pre-eminent rock band and it keeps getting better and more ambitious. From the beginning Café Tacuba looked both inside and outside Mexico, drawing on the Beatles, new wave, ska and funk and finding no barriers between the peppy polkas of norteño music and speedy, cheeky punk… Yet Tacuba’s eclecticism isn’t merely a whimsical grab-bag or a technical stunt. It’s an embrace of possibilities and a blithe refusal to accept restrictions… The band’s seriousness is inseparable from its sense of fun… Café Tacuba dares to treat rock as art… better than almost all other rock these days… one of the most important bands in the hemisphere… a smart, cosmopolitan band with a broad streak of lighthearted surrealism.” –NY Times

“Café Tacuba’s tunes transport the listener to the apocalyptic borderlands of the soul… They are the reigning kings of Mexico’s alternative/art-rock community… [I’ve seen] them perform to a packed screaming crowd… it was one of the greatest shows I’ve ever-seen, by anybody, in any language.” - Village Voice

“Cafe Tacvba is a Coachella highlight… the band [is] considered the Beatles of Latin alternative music… Such exclusive billing is a testament to the continued creativity and international appeal of Los Tacubos…The group remains the marquee name in Spanish-language rock… Nobody has come along to seriously challenge the stature and influence of Tacuba.”– Los Angeles Times

México City’s Café Tacuba is one of Latin rock’s pre-eminently revolutionary bands… 1994’s “Re” helped put Latin alternative on the map.  The Mexican fab four fashion a stunning palette of melodic and dissonant sounds that rank with the best of rock in any language.” –Newsday

“One of the finest and most adventurous rock bands in the world….For creative reasons, Café Tacuba are beloved by critics and cultural observers who appreciate [their] ambition and originality. On the other hand, legions of followers worldwide are enamored with the band simply because of the music, which is broadly appealing not only because of its distinction but also because of its fun, madcap, and ever-changing manner…The Tacubas [continually] reinvent themselves as a band by changing all the rules of the game of songwriting and making records. [Tacuba’s music] is dirty, raucous, greasy, innocently wild, soulful, and raggedly elegant rock & roll that happens to be art because of its originality, energy, & guts.”– All Music

“hands-down Mexico’s most important rock band… Cafe Tacvba may be one of the most important rock bands alive…The fantastic quartet is ambitious, groundbreaking and quite simply, superb.  …one of the most remarkable artistic collectives of our time.” –Associated Press