Calle 13’s “Ojos Color Sol” (Sun-colored eyes) spreads through radio waves

"Calle 13’s “Ojos Color Sol” (Sun-colored eyes) spreads through radio waves"

Featuring Cuban Trova “Maestro” Silvio Rodríguez, in one of the most important collaborations of this album

Today Calle 13 releases to the radio waves their fourth single, “Ojos Color Sol” (Sun-colored Eyes), which is part of “MultiViral”, the band’s 5th and most recent musical production. The track features one of the most important contributions of this album, Cuban Trova Maestro, Silvio Rodríguez. In a little over two months after its digital release, this song has become one of their follower’s favorites in the net, with over 2 Million “hits” throughout social media, including followers’ channels in YouTube. The MultiViral physical album is also available in major stores.

“‘Ojos Color Sol’ (Sun-colored Eyes) was born in a simple and spontaneous way. Some time ago, the Cuban singer explained in a press conference held at the National Auditorium in Mexico, that he was collaborating with Calle 13 because “he shared their creative and nonconformist spirit.” On that occasion, he also expressed his admiration for René and Eduardo, “not only for their ideological positions, but also for the creativity they show in their albums” (…) “I have been like them in a way, never settling for what first comes to mind, even if after exploring other “regions” I go back to the beginning, it happens sometimes.”

After that, the brothers decided to do whatever was needed to contact Silvio and explore the possibility of a joint collaboration. At first, they thought it was going to be hard to accomplish, because it would be such an honor to work together with someone they had admired for so long, and to whom they had listened since their younger years. However, they finally made it happen.

About this “Residente” says, “I rapped to him live some lyrics I had written in Cuba. Then he read them and smiled. We had not made any music for these yet. In just no time, he recorded something basic with his guitar that served us as a guide to start composing.”

From left to right: René Pérez “Residente” next to Cuban Trova Maestro,

Silvio Rodríguez (Photographer: Raúl Martínez)

René describes that the song was based on a day when sunlight was no longer needed, because someone’s eyes (a woman’s) lit the beauty of the world. “Residente” explained, “I wrote most of the lyrics in Cuba, that is why at the middle of the track this person’s eyes began to illuminate a world where beauty connects from another perspective, where hens moo and cows cluck.”

Going back to that moment, Eduardo -who admits that this is one of his favorite songs of the album- said that, “You see, my wife is Cuban ( … ) Silvio’s music studio is only two blocks away from her family’s home back there in Cuba. It was so cool to be in Cuba and go walking to Silvio Rodríguez’s study.” After having some parts of the song, “Visitante” took them with him to his own studio in San Juan (Puerto Rico) from where they began to work on it together: “We then sent him the song and afterwards he sent us back his part, adding his own lines.”

About this collaboration, the leaders of the Puerto Rican band emphasized that Silvio worked with them with great modesty, “he adapted to our proposal in such a way that he almost rapped at the end of his verses,” added René.” “Silvio is someone who transcended generations,” said ‘Residente’, adding that this is something he and his brother Eduardo hope to be able to do as well.

Calle 13 will start their United States tour now in May, where they will perform at: the City National Civic in San Jose, California (21); The Observatory Orange County in Santa Ana, California ( 22); The Rialto Theatre in Tucson, Arizona ( 23); the Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso, Texas ( 24); Austin City Limits Live at “The Moody Theatre” in Austin, Texas ( 25); and House of Blues in Houston, Texas ( 26).

During next July they will tour Spain, beginning with the Festival Fuerteventura en Música in Canarias (5); and will go on with performances, almost consecutive, at Cruïlla Barcelona Festival (11), Ibiza Roots Festival (15), Al Rumbo Festival in Cádiz (17), Port America Festival in Nigrán (18), La Mar De Músicas Festival in Cartagena (19) and closing the tour with a concert on July 20 in Sala Riviera of Madrid. Calle 13’s MultiViral Tour will extend until 2015.