Charlie Zaa Set To Release His New Single, “Un Idiota”

"Charlie Zaa Set To Release His New Single, “Un Idiota”"
Charlie Zaa - Un IdiotaColombian singer, Charlie Zaa returns to the music scene with the release of his new single, “Un Idiota“, which will be included in his upcoming tribute album to Joan Sebastian, Mi Mejor Regalo. The single will premiere on radio today, September 4th , which is the same date it will be available on all digital music platforms.
The idea to record this album took place a year ago during the first meeting between Charlie Zaa and Sergio George. Recording was underway between the months of November 2014 and February 2015. The album’s title, Mi Mejor Regalo was intended as a tribute in life to the teacher and poet of the Latin American people, Joan Sebastian. The death of Joan Sebastian has made this a posthumous tribute from Charlie Zaa showing his respect and admiration for the icon. Under the label Sony Music Latin and the production of Sergio George, the idea was born to create an album in the era of “EVOLVED BOLERO” with lyrics that touch the heart and melodies that have always been present in the lives of each of the artist’s followers.
Known for hits such as, “Un Disco Mas”, “Niégalo Todo”, “Nuestro Juramento”, “La Pollera Colorá”, and “Flor Sin Retoño” Zaa returns to give his fans and admirers more music as they’ve long -awaited. Since the beginning of his solo career, the Colombian artist has gained the support of Latin America for introducing a new generation to lyrics and melodies that past generations used to fall in love. With this formula, Zaa has succeeded in maintaining the same essence with each of his songs adapting them to the present day which has helped the artist reach a more diverse audience. 
With this album, the artist hopes occupy once again a special place in the hearts of each and every one of his followers.
Mi Mejor Regalo is a collection of 10 of the best musical compositions that icon Joan Sebastian wrote and performed throughout his successful career:
  1. Un Idiota
  2. Tú y Yo Dos Locos
  3. Una Noche Más
  4. Rumores
  5. Me Gustas
  6. 25 Rosas
  7. Llorar
  8. Hasta que Amanezca
  9. Secreto de Amor
  10. Mascarada
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