Chipotle’s Branding Campaign Infuriates Latinos

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"Chipotle’s Branding Campaign Infuriates Latinos"

chipotleWritten by Rodrigo E. Duran on May 29, 2014

Chipotle is doing a phenomenal job at promoting its brand and chain stores around the United States, but at what price?

According to Fox Latino, Latino activists and authors are furious at the lack of diversity in Chipotle’s new branding campaign, “Cultivating Thought,” that features short stories from famed authors on its cups and bags. The problem lies in that out of the 40 famed authors that Chipotle reached out to, only 10 were chosen, none of which were of Latino descent.

This is what the Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold told Fox News Latino regarding the decision-making process:

“To get the slate of 10 authors we currently have, we reached out to a diverse pool of more than 40 writers that included Latino authors. Many more authors declined our request to submit a piece than accepted, including well known Latino writers.”

Smells like something carefully rehearsed.

My question to all this is: does reaching out to the general market mean failing to represent the people who provided your recipes, your agricultural and culinary labor, and your name in the first place?

I say no.

The Hispanic population is growing, and even though we are becoming more and more acculturated to the American lifestyle, we still stay true to our language, our culture, and especially our foods.

Source: Reach Hispanic