Collaboration and Cohabitation | Crackle’s MAD FAMILIES

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"Collaboration and Cohabitation | Crackle’s MAD FAMILIES"
L to R – Juan Gabriel Parjea and Danny Mora star in Crackle’s original film MAD FAMILIES | © 2017 Crackle

Continuing upon its path of successful, original content, Crackle’s new original film MAD FAMILIES sets sights on new hilarities. Its focal point: the ups and downs and side-to-sides of culture clash. 

MAD FAMILIES shines its light on three families – one Latino, one African American, one Caucasian – who find themselves reluctantly sharing the same camping grounds on an Independence Day holiday weekend. Refusing to voluntarily leave the site, they figure out a way to collaborate and cohabitate, but eventually agree on various competitions to victoriously and diplomatically decide who stays. As the families compete, unforeseen scenarios trigger nonsensical rants and raves about each other, only to end up realizing they’re not so different from one another.

As one would imagine, a concoction of souls always leads to awkwardness. We’ve all been there. What MAD FAMILIES does is present it in ways that allows us to laugh about it. Smeared with stereotypical sarcasm, jokes, and tidbits of sensitivity, its ensemble cast allows this made-for-stream-TV piece to shine and smile back at us while we chuckle. Clean and safe, it’s designed for everyone, especially during contemporary times that kick-and-scream for a united state of mind, body, and soul. At just about a 90-minute run, MAD FAMILIES is a fun, funny and thought-provoking piece that aims to please.


Genre: Comedy / Rated: NR / Run Time: 1:30
Starring: Charlie Sheen, Leah Remini, Finesse Mitchell, Naya Rivera, Juan Gabriel Pareja, Charlotte McKinney, Chris Mulkey, Clint Howard, Chanel Iman, Barry Shabaka Henley
Directed by: Fred Wolf (II)
Written by: Fred Wolf (II) and David Spade

© 2017 Crackle