Colombian writer Carolina Valenti, debuts her Entre Piernas, a feminist e-novel

"Colombian writer Carolina Valenti, debuts her Entre Piernas, a feminist e-novel"

Carolina-ValentiColombian writer Carolina Valenti, publishes her daring and contemporary debut e-novel Entre Piernas: Confesiones de una Devoradora de Hombres, through the platform of digital publication, Editorial Trance. This e-book intertwines sexuality, mental freedom and urban culture, with the internal struggles of Latin women. It is available for the iBOOK, Kindle, Google Play, and Nook platforms, at their respective outlets.

“I feel that Latin women face strong pressures from societal standards to be perfect, physically and emotionally. Milena doesn’t care for stereotypes, she lives as she wants, does as she pleases, or so she thinks,” the novelist Carolina Valenti says.

“The character of Milena is an example of freedom and independence in many respects, while in others she remains a slave of society. Entre Piernas is simply a reflection that women make via our love affairs, and becomes a rogue and emotional story that reveals the highs and lows in the quest for empowerment,” adds Editorial Trance CEO Marlena Fitzpatrick.

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