Disco Ruido! Releases Award Winning “Radiofutura” April 7

"Disco Ruido! Releases Award Winning “Radiofutura” April 7"

Disco RuidoNacional Records is proud to announce the release of “Radiofutura,” the new full-length album from audio-visual collective Disco Ruido! on April 7. After dominating Mexico City’s electronic music scene, the kaleidoscopic sounds of Disco Ruido! are available in the U.S.

“Radiofutura” was recently named “Best Electronic Album” at the 2015 Indie-O Music Awards in Mexico, and conjures a diverse and nostalgic sound, blending catchy beats, and ethereal, psychedelic pop, with a little bit of grit. Striving for a modern, yet nostalgic listening experience, “Radiofutura” aims to create the sounds of a mythical radio station from the 70s and 80s.

Composed of ten new songs and two bonus tracks, “Radiofutura” features a multitude of collaborations and includes vocals from Leon Larregui (Zoé), Ale Moreno (Ruido Rosa),Milkman, Alec Sander, and Rey Pila. Bonus tracks include “Go Twisters” and “Amorfos,” which tastemaker blog Club Fonograma called, “a heartfelt jam so pretty it hurts.”

The futuristic video for “Alegria” was created by Disco Ruido! and shows cosmic adventures in a fantasy 3D world that is both modern and retro. “Alegria” premieres in the U.S. on Friday, March 27 on NBC Universo.

Disco Ruido! is formed by Julian Placencia, Jeronimo Reyes y Nariño Tierno who Out Magazine called, “the men behind Mexico’s electro-pop revival.” Disco Ruido! is known for electric and dynamic live shows and the band has performed at international festivals including Vive Latino.

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