El B releases Video for “Pa’l Carajo,” second single off his sixth studio album, Luz

"El B releases Video for “Pa’l Carajo,” second single off his sixth studio album, Luz"


El B is back with a tough, contemplative and ultimately motivational new single that urges listeners to “turn your life around” and “start over.” ~ Billboard

Known for spitting raw rhymes that flow with the conviction of actually having lived them. ~ MTV Iggy

Bian Oscar Rodriguez Gala, better known as El B, Cuban Hip Hop exponent in Latin America for over a decade, releases video for “Pa’l Carajo” (To hell with it), the second single off his sixth studio album and US debut, Luz, in Corriente Latina today.

“Pa’l Carajo” touches sociopolitical issues whereby El B declares his commitment to the people. “Pa’l Carajo” is a song that talks about life on the streets. It is about people living in poverty, coming from slums, and due to certain social and political schemes in which they live in have fewer opportunities to succeed and live in dignity. In this precarious situation, these people are willing to do whatever it takes to survive and escape poverty,” explains El B.


The routine continues, you gotta roll the dice,

without fear put your hand in the fire:

this is our reality, this is our rule;

nothing is easy, gotta hustle thru life.


Down the social ladder,

it’s an ugly trip working your way up from the bottom.

A lot of fingers pointing at you, yet no hands to help;

back to the street, to the hustle, and to hell with it.


El B - Pal CarajoOne of the most respected Latin American rappers of his generation, El B is an artist known for exploring topics with great human interest. Within his music he takes on current issues including society, politics, and individual consciousness as well as commitment to others and collective love; all delivered with a profoundly reflective view for the listener to contemplate.

“As for the video, we tried to show a subjective, inner and psychological insight of the issues addressed in the song. Metaphoric images: an asylum, a prison, trying somehow to portray how it feels to live in constant struggle for survival. The aim is to appeal to society, the collective consciousness, so that instead of becoming judges we become aware of the problem, assume that it is everyone’s problem and that together we can find a solution,” adds EL B.

Co-founder of Cuba’s scene, Real Rap Cubano, winner of Red Bull’s freestyle rap competition in Cuba, La Batalla de los Gallos, for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008, El B is one half of Los Aldeanos, recognized by the Hispanic youth as the voice of their generation, with whom he has released over 20 albums. Luz is the name of his sixth studio album as a solo artist that will be released at the end of the year under the Indie imprint ZenStar Productions in association with Rock The Moon Productions.



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Join El B on October 2nd at The Place in Miami, FL, performing “Pa’l Carajo” live as well as other surprises. Reserve your tickets