El San Juan Hotel: An Experience of music, food and luxury

"El San Juan Hotel: An Experience of music, food and luxury"

So just to give you a quick backstory, this was the first time that I have ever traveled to the  beautiful Island of Puerto Rico so all these thoughts come from my experience as a first timer; which I think makes this a much better piece than it being my 100th time going to the island.

Ok, so I arrived at the airport and was quickly driven to the hotel to start enjoying what it had to offer. I arrived at 1:3o PM and was met by such a friendly staff, everyone from the counter person to the person holding peoples luggage, to doorman orchestrating cabs in the front of the hotel were super friendly.

Since my room wasn’t ready at that time, so I was asked if I wanted to change and start enjoying the pool, beach, casino, food (Should I keep going?) I declined to change because I figured that my room would be ready soon and I just wanted to go find something to eat. I literally was on the hunt for Alcapurrias. No seriously, for the whole 4 hour flight all I kept thinking was “You need to find some alcapurrias and some pasteles” When you are at a resort, you have to imagine that they have to cater to a more general audience so finding the mystical delicious item was not going to happen there, so I decided to walk around and try to find them – Nope. no luck on this one, but I did return the the hotel and walked around.

You first enter the hotel to a circle bar one of many bars on the first floor of the hotel. The Bronze, silver and gold bars have a distinct look all to themselves.  You could literally spend your whole vacation at the hotel and not miss a beat. I mean if you are a gambling person, there is a casino with slot machines, poker and more. If you love music, then you are at the right place. El San Juan LIVE has live music Wednesdays – Sundays every week free of charge to guests and the public.  They literally live music. From Latin Jazz to tropical music like salsa and Merengue to even having their own high-end nightclub within the hotel. El San Juan Hotel does a great job in immersing you into their hotel. No seriously, All IMMERSIVE. I mean food, coffee, shopping, casino, pools, beach, nightclub, live music, whatever it is you can think of wanting to do, you can find it at El San Juan Hotel Resort and Casino.

I stayed in one of the rooms by the pool outside of the main tower. While you may think that it’s a little weird, it’s not. It’s a quiet place to rest your head. It’s like living in outside the city in a quiet suburb and be 5 min away from downtown.

Lets talk about what the hotel has:

Pools? Yes 2 of them.

One is right off the main tower surrounded by the rooms I was staying in. Peaceful as can be. Why? Well there’s another pool towards the back of the hotel and that one has a DJ and a more lively atmosphere.


Beach? Yes oh and it’s private.

Literally walking distance from the “La Isla Verde” beach, their own hotel side pool is a clean oasis of family fun. A little but serves as the cabana; if you will, sporting beach towels, sun glasses and whatever else you may need for your pool experience.


Food? Well there’s quite a few choices.

If you are a foodie on a budget like I am, the hotel is in what is the “strip” so all your favorites are walking distance away: Wendy’s, Burger King, Mexican, Taco Bell and much more. But when you are in another country, you have to experience the hotel for all its worth.

At one point during our stay we were treated to a steakhouse called Meat Market of Miami. The food there was amazing. I got to try things I would have never tried before and that’s what makes going to different places so romanticized. Appetizer after appetizer, we got to try the many different foods they had to offer. I was like the Ecuadorian Anthony Bourdain in Puerto Rico.


While some may say that the some of the rooms may look old, I can tell you that they are currently remodeling many of the amenities and rooms throughout the hotel. So when you are looking to immerse yourself in what Puerto Rico has to offer, look no further than to check out El San Juan Hotel Resort and Casino.


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