Eunel Nueva Era (Bachata) – Tema “Alma De Carton”

"Eunel Nueva Era (Bachata) – Tema “Alma De Carton”"

Eunel - Alma De CartonBachata Blues singer EUNEL releases “Alma De Carton”

Eunel continues to draw his “Bachata Blues style” in his latest single
“Alma De Carton”

From the melodies of his vocals and guitar solos you can feel his passion and pain clearly come to life in this track.

“Alma De Carton” is a metaphor for “Soulless”

This Bachata Blues track tells the story about a relationship in which the woman plays minds games with her man. She treats him as if he was worthless, but then offers hugs and kisses to him. In confusion he finally figures out that he is just a pawn in her game.

As Eunel prepares his fans for what is coming next in his career, he introduces the track “Alma De Carton” as he calls it “the waiting rooms for Bachata Blues 2.0” (The Album).

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