Ex-BGT young star Connie Talbot grows up to be head-turning singer-songwriter / New album coming soon!

"Ex-BGT young star Connie Talbot grows up to be head-turning singer-songwriter / New album coming soon!"

WebConnie Talbot releases her much anticipated new album Matters To Me on March 25th, 2016. This career-defining album matters much to Connie as she personally takes a major role in writing the album. The co-written single Shut Up (Move On) comes out on February 29th across digital platforms for download and streaming.

Matters To Me shows Connie’s musical diversity and development as a singer, songwriter and musician. Apart from rocking the power pop anthem Shut Up(Move On), Connie delivers a spine-chilling soulful ballad, I’m Over You. Building on her powerhouse vocal, I’m Over You is a thoughtful, delicate song of a young girl getting over he
artbreak wrapped in beautiful and deep lyrics.

12 songs on the album also includes an Afro-electronic rendition of Katy Perry’s smash hit Roar, a solemn and touching original ballad Home, a crisp acoustic rendition of “Friends” (TV series) theme I’ll Be There For You with a lot more originals and some timeless classics. The album packs a load of surprises and reveals the hard work Connie puts into her natural gift of music.

Matters To Me is available in major CD stores across Asia, download and streaming on major digital platforms including iTunes and Spotify the same day, March 25th. #CTFs can pre-order the album on iTunes now to get an instant download of the pre-album single “Shut Up (Move On)”. Check the links below for more info!

Pre-order on iTunes

Track List:

  1. Shut Up
  2. Roar
  3. I’m Over You
  4. Dream Out Loud
  5. Those Days
  6. When I Fall In Love
  7. Inner Beauty
  8. Teenage Chemistry
  9. I’ll Be There
  10. Gravity
  11. Vincent
  12. Matters To Me
  13. This Is Home
  14. P.S. [Bonus Track (digital download only)]