Fashion Designer Adan Terriquez is “Padrino de Honor” of launch of “Talking Quince with Hilda Gabriela”

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"Fashion Designer Adan Terriquez is “Padrino de Honor” of launch of “Talking Quince with Hilda Gabriela”"

Hilda Gabriela - Adan TerriquezFashion Designer Adan Terriquez is “Padrino de Honor” of launch of “Talking Quince with Hilda Gabriela”, a bilingual Internet radio show hosted By The Modern-day Quinceañera Expert Hilda Gabriela.

For the first time ever, the most influential names in the Quinceañera and Sweet 16 market will gather to celebrate the launch of “Talking Quince with Hilda Gabriela”, a bilingual Internet radio show hosted By The Modern-day Quinceañera Expert
With Mexican Designer Adan Terriquez as the show’s Padrino de Honor, and Veteran Radio Personality KoloBarrera as its producer, the Quinceañera lifestyle  Show will fill the void in the marketplace of Internet radio programming targeted
Specifically to young, bilingual U.S. Hispanics Confirmed designers to walk the 
Launch party’s red carpet are: Adan Terriquez, Vero Solis, Diego Medel Of Pink 
Horses, Lucy Luna, Raul Corona, and Gladis Pleitez.

MaxRadio.FM and In Pink Clouds Hispanic Media today announced the launch of “Talking Quince with Hilda Gabriela”, an Internet radio program starring Hilda Gabriela, the Modern—Day Quinceañera Expert.  The show will begin airing Thursday, April  24, 2014 through MaxRadio.FM’s “Mix99” and, and will stream every Thursday From 7:008:00p.m. PST on both outlets.

“Talking Quince with Hilda Gabriela” was developed for the growing audience of younger Generation of bilingual (English/Spanish) U.S. Hispanics and will cover a range of topics, including education, entertainment, health, community, and Quinceañera planning & lifestyle tips. To celebrate the launch of the Internet radio program, a launch party  and red carpet event will take Place on Friday, April 25, 2014at the MaxRadio.FM Studios in Hollywood, CA and will welcome prominent designers Adan Terriquez, ero Solis, Diego Medel of Pink Horses, Lucy Luna, Raul Corona, And Gladis Pleitez. Media and industry professionals must RSVP and General Audience tickets will be available through event partners-more info on


“MaxRadio.FM provides its listeners diverse musical programming that also covers topics most relevant To the Latino community. But we didn’t have a program that catered specifically to bilingual Hispanic Youth living in the United States,” said Kolo Barrera, co—owner of MaxRadio.FM and veteran Los Angeles radio personality responsible for producing the show. “When many of us in the industry think of Quinceañeras, Hilda Gabriela is the first person that comes to mind.


She has a great understanding of the market, knows the Quinceañeras and their families better than anyone, and has the energy and ability to connect with a wide range of audiences. We are confident that “Talking Quince with Hilda Gabriela” will not only captivate this young audience,but that it will also speak to a more mature Hispanic consumer. We’re thrilled to have Hilda Gabriela join our team of radio personalities and look forward to hearing her share her expertise on the air.”


“Talking Quince with Hilda Gabriela” is part of the unique library of niche—specific brands operated Under “In Pink Clouds Hispanic Media”, a diversified media company utilizing a combination of digital, community events, and youth programs to reach the Hispanic consumer and the Quinceañera & Sweet 16 event planning market. “Throughout my career as a voice in the Quinceañera space, I have developed

A personal relationship with Hispanic teens and their families,”said Hilda Gabriela, Founder and CEO of InPink Clouds Hispanic Media.


“Talking Quince With Hilda Gabriela” is part of our on—going mission to create a unique platform that is specifically designed for the new generation Hispanic and the Quinceañera & Sweet 16 marketplace. Our commitment is to invigorate this unique demographic with new products and services, such as Our Hispanic Internet radio show, all through an experienced and relevant voice.


I look forward to working with Kolo Barrera and MaxRadio.FM, and to also share this experience with Our show’s Padrino de Honor, Adan Terriquez.” “I think it’s great that Hilda Gabriela is doing this show Because she’s  creating a unique space where individuals like myself that are in this industry can promote services,” said Adan Terriquez. “And it’s also a place where Quinceañeras and their families Can get information about their party and other topics that are important to them.


I’m very excited for this.” With integrated advertising capabilities through commercial sponsorships, “Talking Quince with Hilda Gabriela” will offer companies, brands, and businesses wanting to reach The Hispanic consumer and event planning market, a unique space to promote their products and services. “Many small party service providers can’t afford to pay the high—price of traditional radio or print media,” said Kolo Barrera. “This program will give those businesses a platform of accessibility to their target demographic and specific market though direct advertisement.”




As published recently on, the leading source of news and analysis on the Latin Marketing and Media, agencies are reaching for the “Hispanic ear” through Internet radio, “thanks to the move to Mobile and demand for consumer choice”.




Supported by popular English/Spanish musical programming, “Talking Quince with Hilda Gabriela” will focus on topics of unique importance to teens that are planning their coming of age celebration. With a variety of entertainment and topical guests the new generation Hispanic youth lifestyle show will also discuss conversational topics on relationships, family, news, education, community, and inspirational stories. Unique to the show are the “¿Y la dieta?”  and “World of Quinceañeras” segments.

“¿Y la dieta?” Is a public service segment in which program listeners are confronted about their yo—yo Dieting habits. The segment’s intent is to bring to light the harm that individuals are willing to do to their bodies by participating in fad diets, rather than adopting healthier lifestyles. “World of Quinceañeras” is a news information segment that presents the week’s headlines relevant to the Quinceañera market.