Fragment muzik cumple 3 ańos

"Fragment muzik cumple 3 ańos"

En la unión esta la fuerza, nos cuenta NAPOLES de Fragment Muzik. Hace 3 – tres años Edward “NAPOLES” Grullon (@DJNapoles) unió fuerzas con su hermano Howard “Kobe” Grullon (@KobeFragment) y juntos fundaron FRAGMENT MUZIK STUDIO – @FragmentMuzik.
Napoles, quien inicio su carrera en la industria como artista, hoy en dia es reconocido por sus aportes no solo como artista si no como productor. Podría llenar este espacio con la lista de artistas de renombre y almas en busca de definir su carrera como artistas que FRAGMENT MUZIK STUDIO ha visto y hasta hospedado, pero no se trata de eso.
Para Napoles, Fragment Muzik – “No es una Compañía, Es un Movimiento!” Tres años después, él le da las gracias a todos los clientes y socios que han puesto su confianza en los servicios ofrecidos en FRAGMENT MUZIK STUDIO – vía el #FragmentMuzikTeam.

NAPOLES of FRAGMENT MUZIK, believes that there is strength in unity. He shares that, 3 years ago – Edward “NAPOLES” Grullon (@ DJNapoles) joined forces with his brother Howard “Kobe” Grullon (@KobeFragment) and together founded FRAGMENT MUZIK STUDIO -@FragmentMuzik.
Napoles started his career in the industry as an artist; however, today he is known for his contributions not only as an artist but as a producer. I could fill this page with a list of renowned artists and souls seeking to define their careers as artists and or producers that FRAGMENT MUZIK STUDIO has seen and hosted but it’s not about that.
It’s… “Not a (just) company, it’s a movement!” relays, Napoles of FRAGMENT MUZIK. Three years in, he is grateful to all the clients and partners who have instilled their trust in the services provided by FRAGMENT MUZIK STUDIO –the #FragmentMuzikTeam.

Here’s what a few folks had to say about the #FragmentMuzik (Studio) that
Today May 20th, 2014 Celebrates it’s 3rd Anniversary:

“Being Partners with Napo is like not having to work a day in my life. We always refer to the “Alchemist” because I joined the NAVY and I traveled the world searching for my place , […] to come find it across from me in the bedroom I grew up in- con mi hermano.” – @KobeFragment | Brother, Fragment Muzik Co-Founder

“It’s home. There’s an incredible creative energy in
that room that is difficult to explain.” – @sPTheMusicMaker | Business Partner and Award Winning-Songwriter Producer

“I feel welcome, like family – good vibes!” – @Sandro_NYC | Business Partner and CEO of @ParkEastMusic

“I love this place! Surrounded by positive vibes, inspiration and people who do what they truly love with passion! […] brightens up my day each time I walk in! Makes Me Smile! -@MarleySings | Singer and Songwriter

It’s literally the most professional studio I’ve ever been in. The first time I heard the sounds that were created in there, I was instantly enamored. They’re unique in what they have to offer. A real sense of synergy. It’s Awesome! -@Fraze_LaDomi | Rap Artist and Actress

“I spent every afternoon in there (my first month in NYC) […] it just made me happy, creative and there is an energy that made me want to take over the world … and well, I am! -@_MarcelaElla | NUVOtv Affiliate, Marketing, sP Music

“I feel at peace, a creative vibe just takes over me, I feel welcomed and more than anything – I feel at home. @RandyWisky | Singer, Songwriter and Producer

“Muy buena energía y un sentido de hermandad increíble de verdad que cualquier artista se puede sentir muy cómodo casi como en casa en Fragment Muzik — ¡Feliz Cumpleaños @RayLiriano | Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Graphic Designer

“There’s so much love, creativity and passion at Fragment– I never want to leave!
(and always end up staying!) lol” — @ChicaTierna | Business Partner and Marketing at @ParkEastMusic

“Para mi, Fragment Muzik (Studio) es mi iglesia.” – @DjNapoles