Francisca Valenzuela on extended tour through Mexico

"Francisca Valenzuela on extended tour through Mexico"

After successful presentations at the Festival Viva la Canción, in Zaragoza and Barcelona, and an intense week at the World Economic Forum on Latin-America 2012 in Puerto Vallarta – where Francisca was invited as one of the young leaders of the WEF Global Shapers program – Francisca Valenzuela initiates today an extended tour throughout Mexico during May and part of June.     
Following a great response at the last edition of the Vive Latino festival, the singer and songwriter returns to Mexico to share the upcoming tour with the local artist, Ximena Sariñana.   With eleven shows already confirmed, Francisca will be traveling through the country performing her best hits as well as promoting her second album, “Buen Soldado”.
On May 11th, the tour will take the interpreter of “Afortunada” and “Quiero verte más” to the well known Metropólitan Theatre of Mexico, where only a few days before, artists like The Ting Tings, The Kooks and Patti Smith will be performing. On the following day, she will present her show -alone this time- at the famous bar Pasagüero, which is in the middle of the historic part of Mexico City.
Próximas Fechas / Upcoming Shows 
Mayo / May  
11 / Teatro Metropólitan / Ciudad de México 
12 / Bar Pasagüero / México DF 
19 / Teatro Diana / Guadalajara, México 
25 / Carpa Fex / Mexicali, México 
26 / Foro Jai Alai / Tijuana, México 
Junio / June  
01 / Indra Timeless Music / León, México
02 / Salón de usos múltiples Universidad Contemporánea /Querétaro, México 
07 / Damtshaa / Puebla, México 
08 / Auditorio Gota de Plata /Pachuco, México 
09 / Auditorio Banamex /Monterrey, México