Francisca Valenzuela premieres new single and video: “Armadura” (“Armour”)

"Francisca Valenzuela premieres new single and video: “Armadura” (“Armour”)"
Francisca Valenzuela2014 was busy and exciting year for singer-songwriter Francisca Valenzuela -with performances in festivals around the world and the release of her new album, Tajo Abierto (Sliced Open)- and now she’s ready to start 2015 with a new single and video: “Armadura”(“Armour”).

The video is based on Valenzuela’s interpretation, showcases a timeless, futuristic and minimalist aesthetic, and transitions through different moments. It starts with her in the darkness, surrounded by an almost-divine atmosphere, where she stands, stoic and regal, wearing a golden armour.

As the song grows, Francisca Valenzuela strips off her golden “armour”, singing and dancing on the black lacquered stage, in front of a luminous set of deep fuchsias and reds. She’s exposed and vulnerable, but at the same time strong and empowered.

“Armadura” was filmed in Santiago, Chile, and the concept of the video was developed by the artist alongside the video’s director, Francisco Marshall.

The song was written and composed by Francisca Valenzuela and produced by Vicente Sanfuentes (Mr. Coconut, Los Amigos Invisibles, Matías Aguayo) in Los Angeles, CA. The album was mixed by Matty Green and mastered in New York by Steve Fallone.

Video: “Armadura” (“Armour”)
Director: Rinoceronte FM (Francisco Marshall)
Filmed in Santiago, Chile.
Produced by Frantastic.