Francisca Valenzuela premieres new video and single, ‘Insulto’ (‘Insult’)

"Francisca Valenzuela premieres new video and single, ‘Insulto’ (‘Insult’)"

“Insulto” (“Insult”) is Tajo Abierto’s third single and seeks to deliver a strong and empowering message to those who feel discriminated because of their sexual orientation or sexual identity. The video is released just after IDAHOT, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (May 17th).



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“I was born / from insult / I was built / in the mouth of error”


“Insulto” talks about how society stigmatizes and constructs the identity of many through passive and active cultural violence, language and stereotypes. The song is a manifesto that just came to be in one sitting: it was a verbose, enraged catharsis where I began to explain and sing about the way people and institutions impose a one-dimensional standard of what we are supposed to be – who we are supposed to be.  A standard that dictates what is valid and right and excludes and invalidates whatever doesn’t conform, even considering it disgusting, unacceptable or inferior. We are constantly being pressured to change, to be more; we are always reminded we’re not enough. This is an outrageous, unacceptable reality common everywhere in the world and it must stop - We all deserve to accept and love ourselves just as we are”.

– Francisca Valenzuela on “Insulto”



“Insulto”, written and composed by the Chilean-American singer songwriter Francisca Valenzuela,

 is a dramatic and powerful manifesto against discrimination and prejudice because of gender orientation or identity. It is a poetic outburst in which she empowers herself -and others- claiming “I did not choose my skin or my cradle / so why the guilt / why do you get to impose who I am”, -through an escalating spiral of flutes, drums, trombones, piano, guitar and violin- “And I see them / see them lie / adapt and adjust reality to the fiction in their minds” (verses translated from original Spanish).


This raw, emotional and epic tone -yet an absolutely tangible and real feeling of despair, injustice and frustration- translates beautifully into the video.  In it,  we witness the story of two teenage girls living in Santiago, Chile, that come into conflict when one is rejected by the other for fear of being judged by her peers and community for her sexual orientation. The mockery, the teasing and the uncertainty of how she will be accepted – these things make one of the girls shun the other in public, whilst they have been already together as a couple. Combined with shots of Francisca singing and performing the song in urban locations of Santiago, the story’s outcome is positive: the two girls meet and talk; they overcome the issue of fear and acceptance and commit to being together openly, kissing and walking hand in hand through the streets of Santiago.



“Insulto” stands out among the songs of Tajo Abierto –Francisca’s latest album- for its explicit and open support of sexual diversity, LGBT rights and an anti-discrimination stance.  These issues, Francisca says, have inspired her role as an activist in Chile. In 2012 she became the first Latin American ambassador for the Todo Mejora foundation -official representative of It Gets Better in Chile and Latin America-, whose mission is to contribute to the welfare of children and adolescents in the LGBT community, and create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them.

“Chile has one of the worst rates of teenage suicide and school violence in the Latin American region and we need voices that make this issue visible,“ explains Felipe Villareal, Executive Director of the Todo Mejora foundation, who collaborated in the script and filming of the video. “We need kids and teens to know that despite the discrimination and rejection that persists, we’re among the majority of people who strive to build a society that respects and values diversity. This is why we celebrate socially responsible artists like Francisca, who have the courage to turn their art into a call for a social change that comes from love. Any boy, girl or teenager who watches this video and feels he or she needs our support, can count on Todo Mejora”.

The video, “Insulto” was directed by Pablo González and produced by Frantastic and Smog.  The video was filmed in Santiago, Chile and stars Javiera Orellana, Paulina Moreno and Lucas Balmaceda.