French Touch Electronic Dance Music Master Class with Pedro Winter (Busy P.), Superpoze, Boston Bun, and Jacques at FIAF Thursday!

"French Touch Electronic Dance Music Master Class with Pedro Winter (Busy P.), Superpoze, Boston Bun, and Jacques at FIAF Thursday!"


As part of its new CinéSalon series EDM Anthems: French Touch on Film, the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) is thrilled to present a French Touch Electronic Dance Music Master Class with Pedro Winter (Busy P.) this Thursday, March 3 at 6:30pm in FIAF’s Tinker Auditorium, 55 East 59th Street (between Madison & Park).


Julian Starke, director of French Waves, invites New York audiences to a unique musical and visual trip with DJs Pedro Winter (Busy P.), Superpoze, Boston Bun, and Jacques.

Four artists who perfectly embody different generations of French Touch musicians—Pedro Winter, Superpoze, Boston Bun, and Jacques—will discuss their points of view, experiences, and anecdotes to share their vision of what French electronic music was, and still is today. They will also tell us how they made music before internet, and how the internet has changed their ways of working. Finally, they will mix words with sounds, music, archival images, and videos, to go beyond the story and make it a real interactive experience.


About Pedro Winter (Busy P.)

Pedro Winter was a DJ and event producer in the 90s. A major figure of the French Touch movement, he was the manager of Daft Punk before creating his own record label, Ed Banger. He produces artists like Justice, Breakbot, Sebastian, and others, and releases his own music under the name Busy P.


About Superpoze

An emblematic figure of the young generation of French electronic artists, Superpoze studied at the conservatory before getting into beatmaking. His first album Opening, released in April 2015, is a journey into a true electronic symphony.


About Boston Bun

A new recruit of Ed Banger records, this Parisian DJ who grew up on House music sees his music as a club. In 2012, he released his first EP, Housecall, with Pedro Winter. He returned in 2015 withJust for Freaks : 3 EPs built for the dance floor.  An architect of an efficient and vocal house, his tracks are now acclaimed and played by the international electronic community.


About Jacques

A co-founder of the Pain Surprises collective, Jacques arrived as an oddball in March 2015 with his EP Tout est magnifique (All is beautiful). Between an off-the-wall techno style and his use of object-instruments, Jacques flirts with experimentation and always pushes his creativity to the limit. His latest project is one of the most exciting and promising of the new French scene.


About EDM Anthems: French Touch on Film

This March and April, the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF), New York’s premiere French cultural center, celebrates electronic dance music from France with EDM Anthems: French Touch on Film. The new CinéSalon film series is  accompanied by events with leading artists of French Touch, including a master class, a panel discussion, and a rooftop dance party. EDM Anthems: French Touch on Film is presented in partnership with UniFrance, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Bureau Export/France Rocks, and French Move.


Since the mid-1990s, a group of French DJs and producers have revolutionized dance music with their distinct mix of disco samples and robotic vocals. Known as the French Touch, musicians associated with this movement—including Daft Punk, Kavinsky, and Air—have also put their mark on contemporary cinema. In this series of movies scored by and about DJs, see how the French Touch has extended beyond dance floors to transform the feel of Parisian banlieues (Girlhood), suburban Michigan (The Virgin Suicides), and cinema itself.