From Costa Rica To Brazil By Land

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"From Costa Rica To Brazil By Land"

Oliver Nowalski, Sebastián Castro and Ricardo Cerdas will drive from Costa Rica to Brazil to live of the World Cup experience. They will travel 20,000 kilometers and visit 8 Latin American countries along the way, as they represent all the Costa Rican and Latin American fans that can only dream of being part of the biggest sporting event in the world. They will produce a web & social media-based reality show that will capture the adventures, experiences, and challenges they encounter in their journey. The tales will be diverse, from barricades along Bolivian highways, to finding fellow Costa Rican fans celebrating in the streets of Brazil. This “tico” (Costa Rican) project promises to be a high quality production packed with humor, passion, and adventure.

Sebastián and Ricardo both have ample production experience, given that they have worked in projects such as CNN en Español’s Reportero Aventurero, as well as a popular Costa Rican web series Dele Viaje. The one who ideated the project, however, is Oliver. It all began when Sebastian and Oliver participated in the FIFA 2010 Volunteer program in South Africa and decided to rent a Beetle and fully coat it with the colors of the Costa Rican flag. That is how the “Chunche” came about. The vehicle will take them on their adventure and will be the leading character of the program.

These three pioneers aim to connect with all of Latin America and showcase the richness and humanitarianism of their home country in their voyage. With this aim, they will visit several charitable organizations along the way and will showcase the work done to capture more media attention for these causes.

Follow the “Chunche” and live the experience and adventure with them!

Date of trip: April 18th through July 13th


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