Gabriel Iglesias Curates Comedy Mixtape to Celebrate 5 Years of Comedy on Pandora

"Gabriel Iglesias Curates Comedy Mixtape to Celebrate 5 Years of Comedy on Pandora"

In 2011, Pandora launched its FIRST ever comedy station! We’re celebrating this huge milestone with the launch of New Comedy and an exclusive mixtape curated by top-spinning comic Gabriel Iglesias!

Pandora Comedy’s Five “Fluffy” Years mixtape is a collection of Gabriel Iglesias’ favorite comics– from those who inspired him early on to those he’s excited to watch now– including Billy Crystal, George Carlin, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Jenn Dunham, Eddie Murphy, Kathleen Madigan, Bob Saget, Gina Yashere, Russell Peters, and more. Listen for special messages from Fluffy himself alongside some of his most popular tracks!

“Thanks to Pandora, my fans have streamed my material over 400 million times in the last five years.  Pandora has been a big part of spreading “Unity Through Laughter” and sharing my comedy.”- Gabriel Iglesias

Pandora has also launched New Comedy, the ultimate destination for comedy discovery that features the best and latest material from both newer and established comics like Nikki Glaser, Brian Regan, Rachel Feinstein, Jim Jeffries, Sam Morril, and more. For the past five years, Pandora has given the world of comedy a pretty big stage, and we’re excited to introduce all of the great new comics who are finding bigger audiences.

In the past five years, we’ve racked up some interesting stats:

  • To date, Comedy has over 433 million spins, 96 million station adds, with over 1.1 BILLION hours spent listening
  • Over 4 million unique listeners tune into Comedy each month, with over 25 million hours spent listening
  • Top Comedy genre stations: #1-Today’s Comedy, #2-Raw Comedy, #3-Comedy Icons
  • Top cities who listen to Comedy: #1- Los Angeles, #2- NYC, #3- Salt Lake City, #4-Chicago, #5- Seattle
  • The musical preferences of Comedy fans on Pandora are Metal, Punk, Alternative, Indie, Blues, and Rap
  • Jim Gaffigan is the most popular comic on Pandora, with over 647 million spins to date
  • “Situation on the Phone/My Biggest Fear” by Kevin Hart is the TOP skit on Pandora, with over 1.5 million thumbs up and 31.2 million spins, with Daniel Tosh’s “5” coming in at a close second with over 1.2 million thumbs up and 30 million spins
  • Amy Schumer’s stand up album, Cutting, racks up over 590 million spins per month, and Louis CK’s “When I Thought I Was Gonna Die” skit averages 70 thousand spins per week!