Introducing Big Sence: Color Me Coogi

"Introducing Big Sence: Color Me Coogi"

Coogi’s vibrant knitwear colors have been a staple on everyone from Bill Cosby to Jadakiss. You can now add to that list rising independent artist, Big Sence. This Brooklyn native has opened for artists such as Akon, Busta Rhymes, Trina and more and is currently putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming mixtape, Uncensored Vol. 2. In celebration of our Coogi Men’s Apparel sale we linked with Sence to model a few of the items and give his take on the colors that define his Coogi style, music and personality.


Even though most of my music is party music I still have edge to it. I want to let people know it wasn’t always good. The darkness comes from being raised in the streets of Brooklyn in a rough environment. I saw a lot of things that corrupted the ways I thought. Thankfully I was able to make something positive out of myself.


It is vibrant and the color of life. It represents the liveliness of the music and my delivery. You will always get a feel good sound from me since I’m always motivated. People look to me to get the party going even outside of music so I amp it up.


Green represents growth and change. I was a mentally aggressive young guy but I’ve grown and learned patience. I’ve realized that music is also about business and having the right timing and luck. So patience is the major thing that has changed in me.

By Souleo.