Introducing Pirotecnia: DJ Raff’s Label Showcasing The Chilean Electronic Underground

"Introducing Pirotecnia: DJ Raff’s Label Showcasing The Chilean Electronic Underground"

PirotecniaSo, your music’s kind of unlike other things coming out of your community, it’s a little weird and it seems that there’s not a label quite right for it. What do you do? You release it yourself! And that’s exactly what DJ Raff did. Late last year, DJ Raff started his own label, Pirotecnia, with his wife Dalal, and we’re happy to announce our partnership with Raff to release Pirotecnia Vol. 1, due out on June 30 digitally and on limited vinyl. The compilation will showcase some of the upcoming sounds from the Chilean underground and widen your eyes to the world of Chilean electronic music.

“Pirotecnia was born out of a need to support the growth of electronic music in Latin America and bring our sounds to various places on the planet. In Chile there’s an active and creative electronic scene that continually grows stronger and we don’t want anyone to miss out on what’s happening here,” Raff says about the origins of Pirotecnia. The label champions some of the most innovative and unorthodox electronica artists from the Chilean underground, its roster including Roman & Castro, Fantasma, Daniel Klausner, and Raff himself.

DJ Raff is one of Chile’s most renowned turntablists. He released his debut album ‘Latino and Proud’, which Spin Magazine said, “speaks to his ability to write multilayered, catchy, and accessible beats that nonetheless have a very specific sound and sense of place to them.” The song can be recognized as the theme for the hit Comedy Central TV show Broad City. Raff has also released two albums under RVSB, his collaboration with Latin Bitman. Raff has shared international stages with top artists like Beastie Boys, Kid Koala, Justice, and more.

Pirotecnia’s coming your way sooner than you might think— Raff and co. will be playing the LAMC this Summer in New York City. Prepare yourself!

Check out the album teaser: