… It Is Without A Doubt That Napoles Defines The Urban Latino Genre

"… It Is Without A Doubt That Napoles Defines The Urban Latino Genre"

La ShortyKnown for his signature and award winning productions, NAPOLES shows the multicultural richness carried within. Born in Caracas, Venezuela to Dominican parents and raised in Brooklyn, New York, it is without a doubt that NAPOLES defines the Urban Latino genre.

NAPOLES career as both an artist and producer has earned him recognition amongst his colleagues and has gained him influential weight to the point of achieving the development of new talent.

However, nothing has stopped his musical muse, in fact time and experience are the two key elements that today allow us to enjoy a matured NAPOLES. Passing the test of time, NAPOLES swaps roles and returns to where it all began for him –before a microphone, under the musical production direction of Pedro ‘SP’ Polanco of sP Music, together they present:

“La Shorty”

In this track NAPOLES’ essence as an artist comes through, as he joins forces with SeNsato and Fito Blanko in La Shorty. An excellent blend of Hip Hop Latino and (Electronic) Merengue, with its catchy phrases and melodic rhythms LA SHORTY –In no time is sure to spread like a wildfire!

#LaShorty | @DjNapoles feat. @SeNsato & @FitoBlanko

Produced By:  SP MUSIC @sPTheMusicMaker

#the26thStreetBoys & #the305Boys