Jow & Vinny release their debut single “Libera El Amor”

"Jow & Vinny release their debut single “Libera El Amor”"

Jow y Vinny - Libera El AmoreVictor Rivera and Johan Solis are young singers/songwriters originating from Boston, Massachusetts. With their spontaneous style of writing, punchy lyrics and blunt attitude, Jow and Vinny’s new song ‘Libera El Amor’ derives from the concept of fusing urban and tropical elements with catchy lyrics, spiced with a contagious rhythm.
Growing up listening to salsa, bachata, bolero, pop and ballads; Jow and Vinny have always been highly influenced by this particular music. After recording several songs with well-known producers of the “latin urban movement” they caught the attention of Cojeloto Music and signed a record deal.
In 2014 Vincent Rivera AKA Vinny and Johan Solis AKA Crazy Jow moved to Orlando, Florida to pursue their music career. Soon after they connected with Derek Deler of EQS Latin Artist Management and began their journey on collaborating ideas for a musical project. “Libera El Amor” is produced by DJ Plano and Luey Trax, well known for their production catalogs which include Daddy Yankee, El Alfa, Black Jonas Point, Mr. Manyao y H2 to name a few.
Their message of liberating love is one of extreme importance in a time where everything is regulated and measured. “Libera El Amor” is about freeing your heart from judgment of yourself and others. There are many moving pieces to Jow & Vinny’s musical introduction, and their first single together promises to gain the respect, love and attention of audiences around the world.

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