Kirk Acevedo’s talk on APES!

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"Kirk Acevedo’s talk on APES!"

Fellow native NYer and Boricua (Puerto Rican) Kirk Acevedo has laid down some serious work among the world of stage, TV and films! Best known for his role as ALVAREZ in HBO’s OZ and snatching an ALMA Award for Best Supporting Actor for THIN RED LINE, aside from numerous nominations, Mr. Acevedo is one of many Latinos in the public eye who make us proud when we look at him and say, “he’s one of us!” His latest conquest has him going against all odds among ape supremacy as CARVER in DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.

“Casting sent the request for me to audition, I auditioned and I got the gig.” Expressed with much pizzazz and confidence when asked how the role came to fruition, Acevedo’s CARVER is one of the film’s bad-ass standouts who puts up a good fight when representing the human race. Coming off as one of the most intense personalities in the film, “He’s not the typical bad-guy. He’s not malicious.” Making it clear and defending CARVER as a person, much to this film’s narrative is quite an adrenaline rush to see two species who believe they’re in the right for an offensive attack considering both believe they’re the enemy also sheds an interesting light of twist providing warmth and compassion.

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Sharing the spotlight with Acevedo are also a bunch of intense, powerful actors like Gary Oldman, Jason Clarke and Andy Serkis (Caesar) to name a few. “Gary Oldman is one of my acting heroes. While working on set you have to wait around, you know? So we sat in a car for like five, six hours and all we did was talk about our favorite films from ‘Raging Bull’ to like ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ and it was a great moment for me.” Following his name drop and full right to brag about one of his acting heroes, his high level of respect also goes out to Serkis when I asked about working with Serkis while suited up with all sorts of mechanisms to bring forth Caesar. “He’s great. He actually helps your performance because he’s walking and talking like an ape. Like Caesar. He’s a totally giving actor.”

Pretty much agreeing with me by saying DAWN is “way edgier and darker than the original,” this sequel isn’t only at the same level of the first, it’s also one of the year’s best! Blessed with a lot of cinematic magic to provide enough drama, action and Sci-Fi high, it’s also a great feeling to see raw, local talent like Kirk Acevedo be an intricate part of what will be a piece full of quality.


Interested in hearing the uncut interview in its entirety? Click on the audio file below.

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