LAMC 2014 (Latin Alternative Music Conference) Recap – A Personal Experience

"LAMC 2014 (Latin Alternative Music Conference) Recap – A Personal Experience"

I have to admit that this was my first time attending the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC). So I came in without any expectations to what I was going to see or experience once I walked into those doors in downtown Manhattan and now that its all done and over with, Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!

Besides having this mind blowing experience of listening to music that I would have probably never even try to hear, the event was filled with so much potential networking and an overall vibe of openness to help each other grow. one of my favorite things are panels where the presenters actually stay and talk with the audience after the forum is complete. So business cards and good communication was an integral part of coming to such an event.

If I was an artist, I would have probably come equipped with a ton of cd’s, merchandise and a great attitude to get myself known and stand out among these important panalists.

I do come with a little bit of an edge on the normal participants in regards to having the ability to do press stuff, so with the free concerts that occur around the city during this time and having press access to the designated press area as well as press access to the central park Summer Stage events, my mind frame is a little bit different than most, but with that being said, the events are intimate and without the press pass I could passionately say that I would have had the same experience.

But What exactly is the LAMC you may ask. Well the Latin Alternative Music Conference has been around for 15 years now. This years hash tag was #lamc #quinceanera. Pretty Cool right?

According to Wikipedia the LAMC is a major conference geared towards the marketing of Spanish-language alternative music. It showcases what it considers the best in Latin music and the exciting fresh sounds coming out of rock, hip-hop and electronica scenes. This event provides networking opportunities for leading artists, label executives, journalists, managers, marketers, retailers and programmers. And I couldn’t agree more.

In our industry we always seem to have this notion that no one ever answers emails, no one ever wants to help, how can I get my music heard, and 1000 more questions within the same vain. I can atest that there are a ton of resources that are at your disposal to try to get your music known. During one panel for example, Rob from Muuse Me ( was there. I will share this information because I think its a great opportunity to for all Latin artists to work with them in some capacity. Now what Muuse Me does:

  • Music licensing from our roster of represented artists and labels
  • Music supervision, research and rights negotiation of songs outside our catalog
  • Custom music creation through an international network of established recording artists, composers and producers
  • Proprietary social and digital media data analytics for over 2,000 artists from Latin America & Spain

In other words, they get your music out there in tv, movies, and media like product commercials and things of that nature. I give you this example so you can understand how powerful coming out to events like this are. Regardless if you are a musician, manager, label head at the end of the day, its all part of the Music Business and you need to know your “Business”.

But its not all a learning session at the LAMC. The place was filled with booths showcasing some great stuff. The new Cakewalk was shown there as well as some exclusive headphones that are custom made for your ear! (yea I know. crazy!), Google was there, AT&T (Which by the way had the most brilliant thing for us tech junkies. They had these little mailbox looking things where you could leave your phone or device locked inside this little locker to charge!), Latin Trends, NPR Latino and many more.

Look out for more images, videos and interviews in the coming days from my experience during the 2014 Latin Alternative Music Conference!

Here is one that was recorded after one of the panels. It is DJ Napoles giving us some of his favorite things!


Coming Soon: Our exclusive interview with Diana Fuentes, images from the Ana Tijoux, Beatnuts and Bodega Bamz Concert in Central Park


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