Las Cafeteras – We Don’t Belive in Borders

"Las Cafeteras – We Don’t Belive in Borders"

Las Cafeteras

Half-way through their 19-city “Yo No Creo En Fronteras” (I Don’t Believe in Borders) Spring Tour, Las Cafeteras are heating up the country with SOLD OUT shows from San Diego, CA  to Burlington, VT.  With Afro-Mexican instruments (the Jarana, Requinto, and la Tarima) and enough energy to get any city dancing, the soulful six members of Las Cafeteras are on a mission to engage the country, one show at a time.  What began as a gimmick at one show, has now turned into a “Listening Tour” across the country during a heated electoral season, asking fans at every stop, “What would you do if you were President?”

The tour started with two back-to-back SOLD OUT nights in Southern California (Santa Ana and San Diego) with Grammy award winning artist, Natalia Lafourcade. The tour moved its way from New Mexico to Missouri, New York and then through Northeast snowstorms for a SOLD OUT show in Burlington, VT, home state of Bernie Sanders.

At Chicago’s Thalia Hall, over 600 people danced the night away despite the snow.  A week before, the band heard teachers in the city were striking & fighting for their rights. SoLas Cafeteras offered free CDs to Chicago teachers at the show & invited up a representative of the Chicago Teachers Union who inspired the crowd to support teachers & funding for education.

Texas, a state that is no stranger to conservative politics, border issues, and Latinos sets the perfect stage to end the “Yo No Creo en Fronteras” Spring Tour. The band is excited to be stopping in new cities like Dallas, Houston, and McAllen, Texas, as well as visiting old SXSW stomping grounds like Austin.

Throughout the tour, during their song “Señor Presidente”, the band asks “What would YOU do if you were President?”  Members of the audience have an opportunity to be part of the show and say what they would do if they were President.  Throughout the country, audience members have called for immigration reform, student debt forgiveness, and a call for humanitarian policies that support ALL Families.

“Latinos and the Latino vote have been a hot topic for politicians during this tense electoral season, so we are very excited to hear what Texans have to say about their neighborhoods, state and country,” affirms Las Cafeteras.