Las Cafeteras to Hit 19 cities during their US Spring Tour

"Las Cafeteras to Hit 19 cities during their US Spring Tour"


With the escalation of electoral politics, racial tension and the debate over immigration reform amongst Presidential candidates,Las Cafeteras un-apologetically bring a bold sound to provoke thought and encourage debates on and off the dance floor.  With a message of love and unity, countering hateful rhetoric from political characters like Donald Trump, Las Cafeteras are taking their music straight to the heart of America with a Spring Tour including 19 dates across the U.S.

Known for creating infectious performances fusing roots music, and modern day storytelling, Las Cafeteras are a band with a message who want to inspire folks to get involved in this important chapter in our country’s history.  After an amazing tour in Hawaii and North California, Las Cafeteras hit the road again to the Midwest and East Coast to bang the drum of unity, solidarity and celebration.

“Donald Trump says he wants to build a wall, Las Cafeteras want to build bridges,” says Denise Carlos, member of Las Cafeteras.

Like modern day Woody Guthrie’s, Las Cafeteras sing their socially charged stories to create a live performance that straddles the line between dance and dialogue. During election season where politicians tell you what you need to hear, Las Cafeteras asks fans to stand up and speak out with songs like  “Señor Presidente”, which ask the audience to share what they would do if they were President, or “This Land” which asks us to  reimagine the idea of borders.

“If you see the world different, if you come from a different place or even disagree with us, we invite you to come meet us on the dance floor.  Let the music unite us and let’s see what we have in common,” affirms Leah Gallegos, singer with Las Cafeteras.

Their live shows remixing traditional music and instruments reflects not only the changing face of America’s musical landscape, but the changing face of America.  As modern day storytellers, Las Cafeteras are changing the way Mexican, and American music, is heard, played and experienced.



4/2      Burlington, VT     Signal Kitchen         8 PM

4/3      Hudson, NY         The Half Moon        8 PM
4/9      Chicago, IL          Thalia Hall             8:30 PM
4/10    St. Louis, MO       Blank Space            7 PM
4/13    Boston, MA          Boston College       7 PM                                                                    (Vanderslice Cabaret Room)
4/14    New Haven, CT     Cafe Nine              8 PM
4/15    NYC, NY              Sunnyvale              7 PM
4/16    Columbia, MD      Jim Rouse Theatre for the Performing Arts
(Columbia Festival of the Arts)   6 PM
4/17    Wilmington, DE    World Cafe Wilmington              8 PM
5/12    Dallas, TX           Kessler                  7 PM
5/13    Houston, TX        Society for the Performing Arts  8 PM
(Miller Outdoor Theater)
5/14    Austin, TX           Flamingo Cantina   9 PM
5/15    McAllen, TX         Yerberia Cultura    8 PM