Latino curves, united over a coffee

"Latino curves, united over a coffee"

A “Coffee with Jen” (Un café con Jen) is the event Latino curvy women consider a must in Latin America, celebrating its first anniversary and making history worldwide.

Is about a mix between a meet and great and group’s discussion about all the aspects that touches lives of curvy women, especially on Latino society: lifestyle, fashion, discrimination and more.

This was created as part of the celebration of 2 decades of career of Jennifer Barreto-Leyva, the very first Latina plus model worldwide. This get together/meet and greet has count with the presence of very important women from the Latino plus industry, such as Venezuelan actress Alejandra Marte, Hilda Cid pioneer on Dominican Republic and owner of “Hilda Plus”, Solange Acevedo Director of “Dominicana Plus”, Dominican dancer and antibullying activist Arlyn de Moya, Venezuelan curvy blogger Taylin Jacotte, Dominican TV host Sheamar Dotel, Guatemalan actress Claudia Bollat and more.

At “A coffee with Jen” (Un café con Jen) is the event were average plus women, as plus women from the industry have the chance to talk and discuss oriented by Jennifer herself, important issues as selfsteem, cyberbullying, plus fashion and some other topics all of them with a remarkable importance on Latino plus women, who has never had the chance or the place and help to handle any of this, making this event unique on its kind. Is not a secret for anyone how terribly plus size women have been portrayed in the media, affecting severely on the selfsteem and causing body image issues.

This event is pioneer and unique on its kind in Latinamerica, that´s why is so popular and on high demand. Is a place where plus size Latinas are loved and celebrated just how they are. Were they learn, and transform all that body hate and body shame in self-respect, into something positive and worthy, real empowerment.

This event will keep happening in Venezuela and Worldwide, as selfsteem conference with charity purposes.


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Twitter and Instagram: @barretoleyva



Top model. Pioneer in the Hispanic plus size World. Born and raised in Venezuela, Lawyer and Journalist, specialized in Aspectism. Dedicated since 1997 to the tireless journey of showing that being plus size and not achieving the ideal measurements of 36-24-36 is not a requirement for being a beautiful and successful woman, pioneer in the World on behalf of Latinos in the real beauty movement. She writes several columns Worldwide with thousands of followers due to the kindness and passion she puts in her writing job.

Jen as her fans call her is the first Latina who participated in the Miss Universe Plus Size, the only one winning so far, not only by the Judges vote but the popular vote too. Pioneer in the plus size modeling in Latinamerica. Jennifer dedicates her life to help people to embrace themselves and solve her issues with selfsteem, fashion, discrimination and weight in a professional way. Is the first Latina to be cover in Vogue Curvy. Director and Editor in Chief of Revista Belleza XL the first and only Magazine in history of media dedicated to plus size people in Spanish she is also host of the plus size segment of TV show “Ellas y sus noches” in Puerto Rico. First Latina nominee to the Plus Size Awards as best plus size model, defined by the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian as “The perfect plus sized woman”, for Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of the six Latinas that are re-shaping the concept of beauty and for Noticias 24 Journal by one of the top influencers worldwide, named as well by Upsocl as one of the 17 Latina plus models re-shaping the concept of beauty. Spokesperson and ambassador against bullying, public speaker. The Latina that changes the fashion once and for all to all Latinas worldwide.