Life Hacks from a Style Expert: How to Get Dressed in under 20 minutes

"Life Hacks from a Style Expert: How to Get Dressed in under 20 minutes"

Back to school season is just around the corner, and many of us are coming back from vacations looking to get back into the school & work groove. With so many obstacles to get out of the house in the morning, don’t let deciding on an outfit be your cause of stress (or take up more time than it needs to!) Dove and Latina fashion stylist Laura Zapata – whose client roster includes Latina celebs like Dascha Polanco, Camila Cabello, Gina Rodriguez and more – want to simplify your morning routine with Dove Invisible Dry Spray, proven not to leave white marks on 100 colors!

  1. Strategize for the Week. Take into consideration any important meetings you have (and the weather forecast), if you’ll be hitting the gym during your lunch hour, or perhaps a date or happy hour after work? Once you have a better idea of your schedule, set aside your wardrobe favorites and give each edit the once-over the night before. That way it’s less time spent scrounging through your closet when you’re scrambling to get ready and you’re also less likely to avoid an accidental outfit repeat.
  2. Keep an Emergency Fashion Kit. Don’t let an easily-solved fashion fix ruin a tight timeline! These small items will keep you fully prepared for wardrobe mishaps: A stash of safety pins – they’ll quickly fix an undone hem or help hide a small rip in your clothing. Clear nail polish – applying a super thin layer instantly stops a run in your stockings. Shoe inserts – the latest cushioned combo packs now offer comfort forall of the pressure points on your feet – say bye-bye to blisters. Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant –  it goes on completely invisible, and won’t leave marks on 100 colors! That means no more extra time spent on an unexpected outfit change or rubbing out those annoying white marks left on your clothing.
  3. Stock up on Shape Wear. The days of wearing an uncomfortable and complicatedfaja are over. Shape wear comes in all sorts of convenient and comfortable sizes these days, and can be worn for everyday use (not just a fancy event). It’s a fast and easy fix to getting rid of unflattering panty lines, and new, advanced styles help quickly cinch in those pesky areas like bra bulge, under arm jiggle, and thigh rubbing.
  4. Invest in a Travel-sized Steamer.Struggling with an ironing board is that last thing you should be worrying about. Steaming your clothing works half as fast and requires way less prep. While keeping your garment conveniently hung, give it the once-over and watch wrinkles immediately disappear – it’s so quick you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with an iron in the first place.