Loco De Amor: La Historia

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"Loco De Amor: La Historia"

Juanes - Loco De Amor - La HistoriaLOCO DE AMOR: LA HISTORIA – A Short Film Directed by Kacho Lopez With Music By Juanes

LOCO DE AMOR: LA HISTORIA is a short film by Juanes and acclaimed director Kacho Lopez of Zapatero Films. The pair conceived this wonderful story in which four chapters reflect a love through Juanes’ recent music

“The idea was born as we recorded tracks for the album. I felt it was a complete album to listen to from start to finish – all the songs are connected in some way and have a strong story thread. So, hence came the idea of doing a short film to present some of the work beyond simple/separate music videos.” -Juanes
LOCO DE AMOR: LA HISTORIA is a journey through developing feelings that begin when two people are falling in love… and lets us witnesses different times between them. Filmed in Puerto Rico, the inventive short film features performances by Aris Mejias, Manuel Velez, Andres Lopez and Johanna Rosaly
LOCO DE AMOR: LA HISTORIA debuts today worldwide on VEVO.com

Each chapter of the story is represented by a song from Juanes’ latest album “Loco de Amor”

The first chapter of a love story when the attraction begins. Love at first sight between the protagonists

“Hope, the first rays of sunlight and warmth falling on the heart. Something new and mysterious, a first step on the path of destiny.” – Juanes


The declaration of love. We witness the new, happy life of the protagonists as a couple. It represents the consolidation stage of courtship, to the moment they decide to live together.
“A perfect universe where everything is clear and consistent. The flowering of an eternal love”. -Juanes



Moments of both chaos and calm. The relationship has its ups and downs. Then a deception occurs, causing a change in the couple’s dynamic.  They no longer feel at home with each other, but rather they hold a sense of drowning in monotony and stagnation


“The first confrontation, conflict and tension grows with each passing day becoming routine. There is no mystery, instead doubts supersede desire and love becomes a delirium “- Juanes


The water is cleaned and love rebuilt. The fourth chapter sees the relationship mature. It is liberated and strong again. It is the final, closing chapter in the cycle of this love. The couple survives and grows even closer over the years, becoming companions for life.

“After a long and severe storm, everything comes back together -but stronger. We are cleansed by water running down the river, and love is restored by truth.”- Juanes

“One of the 5 Best Albums of 2014…one of the best records out now in any tongue… Juanes has never sounded better.” – PEOPLE