LOCOS Y CONTENTOS with Kiki Melendez!

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"LOCOS Y CONTENTOS with Kiki Melendez!"

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Estrella TV, one of the leading Spanish networks in the US, announced the launch of Locos Y Contentos, a stand-up comedy show hosted by pioneer Latino comedienne, Kiki Melendez (Journey of a Female Comic). The show will premiere this Friday, October 10th on Estrella TV and will follow in the tradition of SNL, Mad TV, and In Living Color, showcasing established and up-and-coming Latino comedic talent from across America.

Locos Y Contentos will feature A-list celebrity guests, Spanish language stand-up comedy, and relevant and original comedy sketch segments. The one-hour format will be taped before a live studio audience.

“The show will bring the American Latino experience to the forefront in a fresh and fun way that’s never been done in Spanish Language television,” said Kiki Melendez, who also produced the show and is the CEO of Latin Hollywood Films. “Forget the over-the-top pandering often seen when representing the Latino experience in America. These will be unforgettable nights of Spanish-language stand-up.”

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Segments like “Kiki on the Street,” as well as audience interactions with “The Best Comedy on the Web this Week,” will explore trends and culture for Latinos and non-Latinos across America.

Celebrity guests hosts will include telenovela star Guy Ecker. Locos Y Contentos will also feature comics from New York to LA, including Kiki Melendez, Felipe Esparza, Edgar Rivera, Conrado Bonco, Sophia Nino De Rivera, Aida Rodriguez, Ludo Vika, Tommy 5000 and others.

The show will be produced in association with Latin Hollywood Films whose credits include Showtime Networks’ “Hot Tamales Live!,” “Kiki Desde Hollywood,” and the feature film, “Journey of A Female Comic,” among others.

Estrella TV, now one of the top-rated Spanish networks in America, is the leader in original Latino content produced in the US.

“I am so grateful, excited and proud that Estrella TV is committed to our talented community,” Melendez added. “It’s a fact that most of the greats, like Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Ellen Degeneres, David Letterman, and George Lopez, to name a few, got their start in stand-up. Now we have a shot. We will have a voice. We will have a launching pad!”

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