Los Angeles Azules With The Hit “17 Años” (feat. Jay De La Cueva) To Conquer

"Los Angeles Azules With The Hit “17 Años” (feat. Jay De La Cueva) To Conquer"

Los Angeles AzulesThe album “Como te voy a olvidar” has sold more than half a million copies, breaking all records

Today officially marks the release of the song  “17 AÑOS” in USA radio with LOS ANGELES AZULES (Feat. Jay de la Cueva) a song that is included in the multi-award winning album “COMO TE VOY A OLVIDAR”.
There is much to say because in Mexico this production is breaking records previously established, to date the sales surpass 500,000 units.

“COMO TE VOY A OLVIDAR” is an album that includes 14 hits of the legendary LOS ANGELES AZULES, nevertheless in this production each song includes a special collaboration, a factor that has been instrumental in the resurgence of this great band.

The selected single that is now playing in the United States is “17 AÑOS” a hit that LOS ANGELES AZULES popularized a few years ago. However, this time thanks to the participation of Jay de la Cueva, it now takes on a whole different perspective. It’s a song that goes through the veins and makes you want to dance and party.

LOS ANGELES AZULES are a consolidated band whom fall in the cumbia genre with a unique style, that have managed to stay in the recording industry for over 30 years, always with great acceptance.

With the launch of their production “COMO TE VOY A OLVIDAR” has marked a before and after in the history of Mexican music, surpassing all expectations.

LOS ANGELES AZULES prepare to begin a new stage in their career, and this time to conquer the United States. Today the first step has been taken with the release of the single “17 AÑOS”. There is more to come stay tuned.

We invite you to be part of this musical revolution. Start by listening to “17 AÑOS” by pressing the following link: http://smarturl.it/ecard-LAA-nusun