Los Rakas European Debut This Weekend; New Video Trailer!

"Los Rakas European Debut This Weekend; New Video Trailer!"
lor rakasUpcoming Tour Dates:
June 21 - Amsterdam - Converse Amsterdam Launch [INFO]
June 22 - Bree, Belgium - Afro-Latino Festival [TIX]
June 26 - Rothbury, Michgan - Electric Forest Festival [TIX]
July 5 - Denver, Colorado - South Park Music Festival [TIX]
July 8 - New York City, New York - Webster Hall [TIX]
July 31 - Plercy, California - Reggae On The River [TIX]

Following up from “Sueño Americano” is the video for the song “Chica de mi Corazón,” a love letter to Raka Dun’s mother, Josefina. After living in the US for 12 years undocumented, Raka Dun was able to visit his homeland of Panama to shoot this video on Panamanian Mother’s Day on December 8, 2013, completing the story he wanted to tell via the El Negrito Dun Dun side of Los Rakas’ debut album, “El Negrito Dun Dun & Ricardo.”

Watch “Sueño Americano:
We pick up from where we left off in “Sueño Americano,” with Raka Dun’s character running away from the scene of the crime witnessed earlier juxtaposed with a younger boy running through the alley ways of the place he grew up; in this case, Nuevo Veranillo, Panama, where Raka Dun is from. We see the beauty of some of the most neglected places of the world as El Negrito Dun Dun sings & raps about missing his mother all those years in the US. In the video, Raka Dun’s character is in jail awaiting the execution we see in “Sueño,” with a nostalgia for the innocence and place he once called home, singing out to the woman who gave him life, who is so far away now:
“Chica de mi corazón, Te dedico esta canción, Regresa pronto a mi corazón, Chica de mi corazón”
“Girl of my heart, I dedicate this song to you, Come back soon to my heart, Girl of my heart”
With the two-part video series of “Sueño Americano” and “Chica de mi Corazon,” Los Rakas tell a singular and complex story within the world’s broken immigration system not only here in the US, but abroad. We see what can happen when people are forced from their homelands because of poverty and the dangerous risks they must face. Through the hardship and struggle, the videos celebrate these stories and the mothers around the world who risk it all for their families. This is just one immigrant romance and tragedy, a soundtrack for the world we are currently living in.