Los Rakas release their most recent single and video ‘Déjame Bailar’

"Los Rakas release their most recent single and video ‘Déjame Bailar’"

Los Rakas - Dejame Bailar

They’re urban, talented and loved. Los Rakas was burn in the juvenile centers of Oakland in 2006. This duo of Panamanian was raised in both cultures. This duo of cousins, pioneers in world music, present this Friday November 13th their most recent work “Déjame Bailar”, the first single of their next álbum. The video which will be released on November 13th,  was recorded on the streets of Bogota during their stay in the South American country for the Hermoso Ruido Festival. This audiovisual piece captures the flavour of their musical style that has a perfect balance between a powerful and meaningful hip hop with choruses to dance in the happiest party.

The official video of ‘Déjame Bailar’ was directed by Christian Schmid Rincón, film maker of German, Colombian and North American origins that has directed important works for artists like Doctor Krápula, Sons of Thyme, Petit Fellas, among others. The story of this video, which will be released this upcoming November 18th, is about a couple who’s working to overcome the battles that come with broken hearts, always evoking dancing and corporal expression to liberate of all those intense emotions.

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