LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE Garner GRAMMY Nomination For Album Confronting what?

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"LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE Garner GRAMMY Nomination For Album Confronting what?"

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LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE Garner GRAMMY Nomination For Album Confronting Gun Violence, Intolerance & The Continued Challenges Faced By The Latin Immigrant Community

With the eagerly-awaited release of their first new studio album in four years, “Realidades” (Realities) found Los Tigres del Norte continuing to proudly wear the mantle of social messengers for their community -detailing true-life stories of danger, discrimination and social rejection often faced by both Mexican and Mexican-American fans on either side of the border.  Quickly reaching #1 on charts in the United States & Mexico, “Realidades” is highlighted by first single “La Bala” (The Bullet) – which tells the heartbreaking tale of unexpected loss that can occur when we do not collectively stand up to gun violence.  The song was anchored in the #1 chart position in Mexico for several weeks as the country and band in tandem cried out over the widely reported disappearance of 43 students.  Los Tigres also received a special recognition award from GLAAD for the groundbreaking track “Era Diferente” – which is widely considered to be the first Norteno song to advocate for LGBT tolerance.

“the voice of the people…Los Tigres del Norte are the most influential regional Mexican group in the United States…and has placed more songs (66) on the ‘Hot Latin Songs’ chart than ANY other artist.”



“FOUR STARS – Realidades is the legendary norteño band’s first set of brand-new songs in half a decade. It was worth the wait. The album’s title is sobering, underscored by the set’s devastating first single, “La Bala.” …Musically, Los Tigres del Norte have remained very close to their tradition and root sound. They are uniquely gifted as storytellers …the songs on Realidades offer portraits of life in North American cities from Harlem to Miami, from San Juan to Detroit, from Sinaloa to Los Angeles. But Los Tigres del Norte go deeper than sensationalist tabloid headlines, and their manner of playing and singing reveals the depth of emotion behind the narrative occurrences in the lyrics …Realidades offers a 360-degree view of modern life. The flavors of sweetness and bitterness, celebration and tragedy, and joy and heartache are all delivered with the soul and conviction that make Los Tigres del Norte so relevant to generation after generation.” – All Music


“To their legions of fans, many of whom share the same immigrant roots, Los Tigres are more than just celebrities. They are working-class heroes, champions of the undocumented who for four decades have sung about their dreams and disappointments, discrimination and drive for rights and respect. To the busboys & janitors, store clerks & chambermaidsLos Tigres are as much a household name as the Beatles.”– Variety 8/22/14


“Try to imagine something between Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones and you get an idea as to the kind of crowds Los Tigres can draw… Los Tigres make the people they sing about feel powerful. ‘They carry the tales for all these border people,” Linda Ronstadt told me. ‘Los Tigres are singing their sorrows and their hopes and fears, and the fear is so tremendous… The dangers are horrific, and all they have is that tiger walking with them.”– “IMMIGRATION BLUES” – The New Yorker


“To the country’s growing Spanish-speaking population — especially the many Mexican and Central American immigrants who do the scut work in fields, construction sites, factories and hospitals — [Los Tigres Del Norte] are idols who sing, from personal experience, of trying to make a new life in a strange new country…Several of Los Tigres’ songs directly address the challenges immigrants face in getting to the United States. …Other songs are about the difficulties that arise once in the United States… They are more than a band, They are social leaders as well, who steer the course of the conversation among Mexican-Americans and the Latino community. …as the immigrant population has fanned out from traditional centers, so has the band’s tour schedule, especially over the last decade. They now perform regularly in southeastern states like Georgia and Tennessee, as well as in the Midwest and the Great Plains… ‘As the demographics of the United States change, they are finding new audiences.’ … ‘They are one of the few bands to sing about the people and what we suffer, here and in Mexico. We cross over thinking of a dream, but we find out that life is not that easy. Los Tigres understand that, and they understand us.’ – SUNDAY NEW YORK TIMES