Lynx Releases Bachata Song Dedicated To People With Disabilities

"Lynx Releases Bachata Song Dedicated To People With Disabilities"

Lynx Somos Uno Artwork-1WHO:  Lynx, Bronx native bachata artist.

Lynx released his debut single, “Máscara” feat. Lenny Santos, in October of 2013.  Since then, he has been featured on NBC Latino, El Diario NY, and Telemundo NY, as well as various music blogs, and both local and international radio.

WHEN:  Tuesday, August 12, 2014

WHERE:  “Somos Uno” (“We Are One”) will be available stating August 12th, on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and GooglePlay as well as all other digital platforms for $0.99.

Bronx, NY—On Tuesday, August 12, 2014, bachata artist Lynx will release his latest single “Somos Uno” (“We Are One”)—a song dedicated to voicing the importance of equality for people with special needs.  “’Somos Uno’ is a song about equality for all.  It doesn’t mater how you look or what you do in life; we are all one,” explains Lynx. The song is armed with an uplifting beat, and lyrics that are sure to open your eyes and touch your heart.

“Somos Uno” was birthed from Lynx’s personal experiences with his youngest brother Leonardo who is both blind and autistic.  “I wanted to speak to those who may be embarrassed to admit that they have a loved one who is disabled and created the song in hopes of ridding them of that shame.  I wanted to show them how proud I am to have a brother that is so special.  This song is something very personal to me and I wrote it from the heart—without a doubt. I love my brother, and the creation of this song was a great way for me to show it,” explains Lynx.

Lynx’s passion for music stretches beyond the subject of love, and while love is the center of discussion for many of his songs, he aims to show the pubic that versatility in writing is an important factor contributing to what makes him who he is.  In the early stages of his writing—around the age of sixteen—Lynx wrote poems about everything from racism to politics and much more—today he continues that practice with “Somos Uno” a song that is both socially relevant and musically pleasing.

‘Somos Uno’ is one of 8 songs that will be on Lynx’s debut album, which is set to release in early November. Lynx is available for interviews and performances of “Somos Uno” upon request—please contact Melonie Echevarria for further information. 



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