Macaco Releases His Latest Album “Historias Tattooadas” Today, March 24, 2015

"Macaco Releases His Latest Album “Historias Tattooadas” Today, March 24, 2015"

Macaco - Historias TattooadasThe Spanish architect Gaudí said that originality consists in returning to our origins. Following in that same train of thought of finding simplicity with intuitive answers, Dani Macaco, known artistically as Macaco, speaks in one of his most representative lyrical lines of “andar hacia el saber” (making my way towards knowing).

Practicing what he preaches, this Barcelona-based artist has worked on his music for years, looking for each song’s fundamentals, and always seeking out his first principles – represented by earth in Entre Raíces y Antenas  (2004), air in Ingravitto (2006), water in Puerto Presente (2009) and fire in El Murmullo del Fuego (2012). This album cycle recalls the four classical elements of the universe.

Now, Macaco’s concept of popular music experiences its own big bang with his latest album Historias Tattooadas (Mundo Zurdo-Sony, 2015), available today, March 24.

Effortlessly balancing tradition and innovation, Historias Tattooadas takes us to Macaco’s fascinating place in space and time. His influences range from Mediterranean to Caribbean, including Jamaican mento and rocksteady music, Cuban rumba and guajira, Venezuelan tonada, Catalonian habanera and pan-American cumbia. Macaco notes that as he was recording, he visualized a folk music elder learning rock and hip-hop from his grandson. A perfect description of the sound and concept influenced by such greats from different genres and centuries, such as Bola de Nieve, Kendrick Lamar, Agustín Lara, Kanye West, The Jolly Boys and The Roots.

Standout cuts include the subtle melancholy of the bolero “La Distancia,” the engrossing cumbia “Piel Sobre Piel”  and the rhythmically titled “Ratapampam” that fuses Argentine bombo logüero rhythms with urban drum machines.

Produced by Jules Bikôkô and Roger “Ferrero” Rodés, this album also features the expressive, intuitive guitar work of Thomas “Tirtha” Rundqvist. Historias Tattooadas is an album that takes on many forms. Its music displays a personality free of cliches, while the lyrics possess a revelatory, literary quality. In fact, Macaco is an author who recently published his first book Amor a lo Diminuto (Mondadori, 2012). Balancing his work between songs of love and struggle, he conjures up characters who can be realistic (e.g. first single “Hijos de un Mismo Dios”), hedonistically abstract (“Dancing Man”) or ravenously romantic (“Good Morning Soledad”).

He writes anthemic songs with unforgettable choruses,  while approaching the poetic ideal – expressing complex ideas with simple words. For example, “Volar,” which defies gravity with its retro-1950s feel. Other tracks in this poetic lyrical vein include “Coincidir” and “Gástame los Labios.”

His songs dealing with topical issues go deep and avoid dogma –the aforementioned “Hijos de un Mismo Dios,” his reflection about a self-imposed exile titled “Me Fui a ser Feliz” and the fight against genetic engineering on “Soy Semilla.”

The narrative of Historias Tattooadas leaves its mark. Convinced that the works of Dylan, Serrat or the legendary Gato Pérez are as worthy as those of any Nobel candidate, Macaco respects the greats and turns in his own impressive work. It’s his most universal and most intimate album. Its collaborations are based on his family circle, beginning with his mother, who recites the album’s opening movement. Brimming with the most engrossing verses of his career, it offers us moving images open to interpretation. His turns of phrase, social conscience and iconic voice place him among the top tier of singer-songwriters and troubadours, and leave an indelible mark on the listener.


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