Maria del Pilar on Starz LatinX show, VIDA

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"Maria del Pilar on Starz LatinX show, VIDA"

From the Andes Mountains to the San Fernando Valley, María del Pilar is no stranger to singing across borders. Born in Chile, she grew quick roots in Los Angeles and became an integral part of the city’s musical fabric (and the Latin Alternative scene) with her rock band Los Abandoned, that journalist Gustavo Arellano once said, “reflected the post-modern Latino experience better than any band ever.” And Pilar has far from stopped.

Maria del Pilar will be on the 2nd season of Starz hit TV show, VIDA on episode 6 performing her new single, Heavy Lifting. Previously Pilar had another track on the 1st season of VIDA that was used on the trailer and campaign. She was invited for the 2nd season to perform during an episode of the show and will make her TV debut this season. The track (“Heavy Lifting”) will also be included in the official VIDA soundtrack for season 2. (Above)

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