Meet the Room 28 Sketch Comedy Crew

"Meet the Room 28 Sketch Comedy Crew"

Room 28 LogoLIVE from New York (and the MTA) Here is your afternoon funny/ Meet the Room 28 Sketch Comedy Crew | Hysterical hip hop music video “Subway Girls”

New York City’s hottest new sketch comedy troupe, Room 28, is celebrating their sixth consecutive sold-out show and fourth production since their 2014 off-Broadway debut, “A Date with Room 28.” That hilarious comedy adventure shook the marrows of every funny bone in the house at Harlem’s famed Poet’s Den during Valentine’s Day Weekend.

Theatergoers erupted with excitement seconds into entering Room 28’s peculiar world. The quirky cast of 10 native New Yorkers, a promising mix of decorated artists and emerging talents, put on a memorable event with eight experimental sketches. Their stream of outrageous satire—from serenades by oversexed, underappreciated Spanish guitarists to jealous ex-girlfriends’ haunting pasts, the double-edged sword of gender bias and hanging with randy pregnant women—confirmed Room 28’s spectrum of crazy.

Room 28 also unleashed the on-stage premier of “Subway Girls,” an original piece directed by Andrew Casanova and featuring songstress Stephany Mora. The song captures the sentiments of New York City women who loathe taking mass transit due to unsolicited attention from men, capitalizing on train delays to hit on them. The wacky clique filmed this new cranky strap-hanger anthem while riding the ‘A’ train—the direct route connecting midtown to the pulse of Upper Manhattan’s other Broadway, where many of Room 28’s talent hail from.

Room 28 Sketch Comedy Crew

Room 28’s cleverly-executed music video productions echo the exuberance of a contemporary Weird Al Yankovic, conveying the elements of the urban New York experience mixed with hip-hop and pop-culture over Latin flavor and sounds. Occassionally, Room 28 blends in off-the-wall renditions of Hollywood hits, all of which have already positioned the ensemble as rising stars in viral comedy.

The ridiculously-funny Room 28 novela also pokes fun at their real-life, behind-the-curtains melodrama, revealing clashing egos and overzealous actors all navigating the pressures of cutthroat show business.

Room 28 leverages their skills in multimedia, visual arts, production, marketing and promotion to produce their own events and boost their fan base. The troupe serves up silly with a purpose, dedicating each effort to a relevant community cause, ranging from domestic-violence awareness to the importance of practicing safe sex.

Proud sponsors of the Room 28 brand and event series include Ford Motors, Stoli Vodka, Emblem Health, Sherman Parking, Mayimba Music, Sprinkle Splash Bakery and La Liga de Justica.

These Ambassadors of Funny will return with an all-new revue this spring. For more information about Room 28 and to check out their work visit


What is Room 28

A New York City-bred sketch-comedy group that performs outrageous, raw, and culturally diverse shows, often musical, sometimes poignant and always original and entertaining. They are masters at crossing lines to keep audiences roaring with shock and delight. They have emerged as one of the most promising new acts, selling out each show since their 2014 off-Broadway theater debut. Made up of an ensemble of Hispanic-American actors, writers, and improvisers, Room 28’s name inspiration derives from the popular Dominican saying “el cuarto veinte y ocho”—the 28th room, a reference to the island’s notorious insane asylum positioned at the 28th milepost between the cities of Santiago and Santo Domingo. Room28 entertains audiences of all backgrounds with their original sketch revues and improvisational comedy. Follow #WhatIsRoom28 and @Room28 for updates and viral content.