Millennial Artist Jhoni The Voice Premieres his latest video “la Invitacion” unplugged July 4th

"Millennial Artist Jhoni The Voice Premieres his latest video “la Invitacion” unplugged July 4th"

Millennial Artist Jhoni The Voice Premieres his latest video la Invitacion unplugged July 4thJhoni The Voice continues to rise; conquering new fans and keeping them busy with his live shows and upcoming music video release of “La Invitación Unplugged” this 4th of July.(#LaInvitación Unplugged) La Invitación Unplugged is an acoustic version of his latest single. The much-anticipated release will be available on his official YouTube channel this 4th of July celebrating theindependence of the United States.

“It fills me to know that I am delivering to my fans what they ask for, THEY asked for this version, so here it is” – shares Jhoni The Voice. After setting the bar high with his #Down4Me Unplugged version and an introductory verse like “Hoy te quiero invitar a dibujar un paisaje sobre mis sabanas” – who wouldn’t want to hear it acoustically, it only increases the sensuality of this smash hit. This time around, on the keys is none other than Chris Hierro – renowned keyboardist, singer, producer, composer and friend of Jhoni The Voice. Undoubtedly, another masterpiece is born.

His dedication and hard work are evident as he keeps his fingers on the pulse of what his fans want and need via Social Media – trending and exemplifying the Millennial in him.

Whenever, he’s not in the studio, Jhoni The Voice is either on a stage performing or giving back to his beloved community.

As schools break for the summer, Jhoni The Voice recently had the opportunity to visit local schools to discuss a brighter future and opportunities by sharing his own experiences and he was also granted the honor of performing at the end of the year ceremony for a graduating class.

Peak moments for Jhoni The Voice – “as long as someone can relate to me and I can be that voice of motivation for them, that’s all the motivation I need to keep going!”Jhoni The Voice

This past June 19th, 20th and 21st Jhoni The Voice expanded his reach and shared the stage once again with 3BALLMTY – the young Award-winning Tribal DJ-Trio from Monterrey, Mexico and his super-producer DJ – DJ Xtassy (Juan Abreu of producer duo A&X). They performed in EL PATRON LOUNGE in the Bronx, NY, THE PALMS NIGHT CLUB in Stamford, CT and PROVIDENCE CHURCH – West Chester, PA. Jhoni The Voice’s energetic performances had the crowds singing, dancing and bursting with pure joy.

His shows for this mini-collaborative tour consisted of his promotional singles “Down 4 Me” and “La Invitación”, (from his debut album) but they sealed the night together on stage, performing 3BALLMTY’s “La Noche Es Tuya” feat. Jhoni The Voice – the song that originally brought them together.

Jhoni The Voice, 3BALLMTY & DJ XTASSY West Chester, PA

Jhoni The Voice, 3BALLMTY & DJ XTASSY Bronx, NY

Jhoni The Voice, 3BALLMTY & DJ XTASSY Stamford, CT


Without a doubt, the young millennial artist remains active and particularly humble by his fans – something he’s constantly mentioning to them,“Without his #JTVistas ‘Las Voces’ (the voices) he wouldn’t be Jhoni The Voice.