New LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE- “ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR” – October 7th Album Release Reminder

"New LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE- “ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR” – October 7th Album Release Reminder"

unnamed“Los Tigres del Norte, who recently were given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, are back with the new album Realidades. The CD features the classic Tigres norteño sound that has made the band a fixture on the Latin music scene since the late ‘60s. They’ve toured throughout the world and have fans everywhere. Their concerts, too, are must-see events. Known for their versatility and ability to explore universal themes, Los Tigres on this album feature real stories that affect communities in songs such as “La Bala,” which explores the theme of guns which plays out further in the official music video. …Other themes on the record includes music tied to love, social rejection, discrimination and stories that will be a treat for fans as the band introduces one of the best albums of the year.”

Justino Aguila, Southern California Public Radio (SCPR)


The world’s “most influential regional Mexican group”(Billboard), LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE will once again delve deep into the true-life stories and challenges faced by both Latino/immigrant communities and our continent as a whole with the October 7th release of “REALIDADES”  (“Realities”) – the first new studio album from the legendary band in over four years. The songs are chronicles of love, social rejection, discrimination and danger in our midst’s – balanced with a few distinctively witty tales that will bring a knowing grin.


Fans can already pre-order the full length album as a digital download, or physical release in either single CD (11song) or CD Deluxe (22 Song) formats. In addition to pre-ordering the full length album via iTunes, fans will be able to download select songs in advance, such as “Que tal si eres tu,” “Amarte me hace bien” and  the album’s first single “La bala” A cautionary corrido of a parent’s heartbreaking regret when we let the violent temptations of the world make their way inside our own families, “La Bala” has quickly shot to #1 at radio in the US, Mexico, and both Central and South America.


With the October 7th release of “REALIDADES,” the majestic roar of Los Tigres will once again echo throughout the workplaces, streets and homes of Mexican and Mexican-American communities.


“To their legions of fans, many of whom share the same immigrant roots, Los Tigres are more than just celebrities. They are working-class heroes, champions of the undocumented who for four decades have sung about their dreams and disappointments, discrimination and drive for rights and respect. To the busboys & janitors, store clerks & chambermaids… Los Tigres are as much a household name as the Beatles.”– Variety 8/22/14


“To the country’s growing Spanish-speaking population — especially the many Mexican and Central American immigrants who do the scut work in fields, construction sites, factories and hospitals — [Los Tigres Del Norte] are idols who sing, from personal experience, of trying to make a new life in a strange new country…Several of Los Tigres’ songs directly address the challenges immigrants face in getting to the United States. …Other songs are about the difficulties that arise once in the United States… They are more than a band, They are social leaders as well, who steer the course of the conversation among Mexican-Americans and the Latino community. …as the immigrant population has fanned out from traditional centers, so has the band’s tour schedule, especially over the last decade. They now perform regularly in southeastern states like Georgia and Tennessee, as well as in the Midwest and the Great Plains… ‘As the demographics of the United States change, they are finding new audiences.’ … ‘They are one of the few bands to sing about the people and what we suffer, here and in Mexico. We cross over thinking of a dream, but we find out that life is not that easy. Los Tigres understand that, and they understand us.’ – SUNDAY NEW YORK TIMES