Oscar De La Renta’s impact on fashion

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"Oscar De La Renta’s impact on fashion"

Oscar De La Renta (Photo from Wikipedia)Oscar de la Renta: An Icon For Beauty, Arts, and Fashion written by: eWriters Oscar de la Renta, an American fashion icon who designed fashionable, classic evening wear for Holywood Stars and first ladies, died at 82. He’s been in a battle with cancer for the past decade; unfortunately, succumbed to the deadly disease, Monday. It was Anette de la Renta, his wife, who has confirmed the news to the public through the New York Times.

Early Achievements

De la Renta was, actually, born in 1932 in the Dominican Republic. He decided to move to Madrid in the middle of the century to study art and become an apprentice to Cristobal Balenciaga, an equally popular fashion icon. After Madrid, he moved to Paris for an opportunity to work for Antonion del Castillo. In 1963, he found himself working in New York under the management of Elizabeth Arden.

Personal Life

De la Renta first married Francoise de Langlade, “French Vogue” editor-in-chief back then, in the year 1967. The lady introduced him to a few of the most influential fashion and society icons, which later on became his shows’ biggest fans. His works, which are characterized by the presence of ruffles, delicate silk prints, vibrant palette, and soft silhouettes, became synonymous with what most of us call “casual luxury” today. The rich and the famous could not resist his romantic yet modern pieces while those that could not quite afford bought only his line of fragrances. His very first perfume was launched in 1977.

Due to the respect his contemporaries had for him and his styles, de la Renta acted as the American Council of Fashion Designers for the years 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, and 1986, 1987, and 1988.

Francoise died in the year 1983 due to bone cancer, but he adopted a son in a Dominican Republic orphanage. He got married, once again, to socialite and philanthropist Annette Engelhard Reed in 1990.

Fashion Legend

He first became popular in the 60s when he dressed Jacki Kennedy. In 1965, he was able to launch his own line of clothing. Since then, previous first ladies Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Nancy Regan have all loved his designs. Michelle Obama, the current first lady, wore one of his creations in a cocktail party the past month.

His gown’s have become a staple on red carpets through A-list stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz.

Aside from this haute couture passion, Oscar de la Renta has become a timeless patron of the arts. He has been a member of Channel Thirteen/WNET, Carnegie Hall, and The Metropolitan Opera. Also, he is an avid supporter of a number of cultural institutions such as the Spanish Institute, the Americas Society, and the New Yorkers for Children.

In the year 2002, Oscar de la Renta included his name to a brand new business venture- his furniture pieces. His first 100 furniture pieces for “Century Furniture” has included couches, upholstered chairs, and dining tables. Two years after, despite the current risk of reduced brand value, he decided to add a less expensive clothing line called “O Oscar”. According to him, he has always wanted to invite customers whom he was not able to reach in the past.

His life and death stories will forever inspire all of us.