Pedrina y Rio Bring Their Vibrant Pop To SXSW For The First Time!

"Pedrina y Rio Bring Their Vibrant Pop To SXSW For The First Time!"
Whatever you want to label them- alt-pop, cute, twee pop, etc- Pedrina y Rio will surpass it. The duo from Colombia formed in 2012 and makes eclectic, simple, and uplifting pop music with a profound-yet simple twist, all while maintaining ties to its Latin American roots. Characterized by lead singer Pedrina’s unusual voice backed by a subtle fusion of acoustic and electronic instruments, Pedrina y Rio has made a quick rise onto the global stage.
The duo released their first full length album in mid-2015: ‘Canciones Sin Ropa’. The album was produced by Ernesto Santos (Sidestepper, Chocquibtown). On this album is the song ‘Enamorada,’ which became a ground breaking hit in Colombia, and was emblematic of the success the band continues to gain since releasing the album. On the streets and the internet alike, people are raving about their lyrical directness and the spontaneous combustion of genres within their music.
Just after performing the summer festival circuit-  Horizonte (Germany), Portamérica and Charco (Spain), Pedrina y Rio toured through four Mexican cities to close their first successful year.

Pedrina y Rio are unique- fresh, genuine, and representative of the amazing things happening in Latin American pop. They’re currently getting ready to set off on their next tour for the first part of 2016- first SXSW in March (Austin, TX), and then to Mexico, where they’ll play in the prominent festivals Pal Norte and Vive Latino. The duo recently premiered their latest single ‘Malo,’ available on all digital platforms.