Pioneering Cuban Hip-Hop Group ORISHAS Bring Reunion Tour To NYC On August 25th

"Pioneering Cuban Hip-Hop Group ORISHAS Bring Reunion Tour To NYC On August 25th"


Named after the gods of Yoruban / Afro-Cuban culture, ORISHAS is widely considered the pioneering group of Cuban Hip-Hop. Across a ten-year run following their formation in 1999,  the group’s three studio recordings sold over a million copies while garnering worldwide critical acclaim as the forerunners of the soon to follow Urban explosion in Latin music and the embrace of hip-hop by a generation of young Cubans.

Now, for the first time in seven years, the groundbreaking trio of Yotuel, Roldán and Ruzzo have reunited to both record new music, and return to the stage.  First shared just with Cuban fans via radio across the island and now globally released via iTunes, Spotify and other digital outlets, the new ORISHAS song“Cuba Isla Bella” is a deeply expressive celebration of the place the distinctive Caribbean Island holds in the hearts of its people. Far beyond politics or ideology, “Cuba Isla Bella” is a passionate observance of the land’s connection to the very soul of all Cubans whether they’ve remained on the island or long to return. With Orishas member Yotuel Romero having become a very in-demand songwriter for other artists in recent years, the song was originally among a collection he penned for the most recent release by Ricky Martin.  But knowing that the heartfelt work was among his very best, and should also be publicly shared as a tribute to the land that inspired its composition, the rapper and songwriter knew the song was meant for the sound and voice of Orishas.  As word spread in recent months that the influential trio had reformed – additional Cuban artists quickly hoped to add their voice to the group’s highly-anticipated musical return.  As a result, “Cuba Isla Bella” finds Orishas joined by special guests: Buena Fe, Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona, Issac Delgado, Leoni Torres, Laritza Bacallao and Pedrito Martinez.


one of ‘The Ten best bands on planet Earth’ – Orishas Combines lyrical wizardry with traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms to make cutting-edge hip-hop … In a nation that has long moved to the pulse of son and salsa, the upstart group delivered the kind of musical shock that young Cubans may one day remember with the same fondness that American baby boomers feel when they recall first hearing Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode”



“Orishas (named for the gods worshipped by Yoruba tribesmen), is solid evidence that finally labels are looking beyond their own borders for quality hip-hop …Orishas takes an approach that deals with issues like returning home, the struggle of Cuba, self-determination.. and the quest for freedom (both political and spiritual). But despite the heavy messages, Orishas is among the most musically refreshing quartets hip-hop has ever produced. With music every bit as sophisticated and catchy as the Buena Vista Social Club and three times as tough.. It’s also a historical, sociological, and musicological lesson that can be partied to. What else can you ask for? … Orishas speaks with the tongue of the gods.” – ALL MUSIC GUIDE


“This is the music of the future Cuba…this is Orishas… Orishas has lorded over Latino hip-hop since their 1999 debut.. Their Reputation rests on an invigorating alchemy of old and new Latin-American rhythms.. Orishas go after the big boys: social injustice, world poverty…  Orishas are masters of Cuba’s written varied musical heritage, but what is more exciting is how they seamlessly graft hip-hop onto complex genres such as the stately rumba, the fast-paced guaguancó, and other frenetic rhythms of the Caribbean…

Orishas bring joy out of even the darkest of situation” – NPR


“[A] NEW CUBAN RHYTHM… [an] original blend of intoxicating Cuban music and incisive rap… a new kind of Cuban sound… But Orishas are about more than one country’s culture. By rising powerfully and proudly from their Cuban roots, they take Latin hip-hop to a whole new level. And other artists know it…. Orishas [aren’t] like any other hip-hop act: no clichéd gestures and sullen attitude from a million videos of them… a classic Cuban celebration of sex and good times… And music. Orishas use their voices like instruments, in an intricate musical and rhythmic interplay… Music this good could inspire anyone” – Miami Herald


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