Poeta Callejero La calle ta que pica (Official Video)

"Poeta Callejero La calle ta que pica (Official Video)"
“La Calle Ta’ Que Pica”(The Streets are Itching) has been one of the most anticipated releases this year from Dominican urban music star Poeta Callejero. The video, which debuts today, is part of Poeta’snew album Tigre Decente (Decent Man) and tells the story of a boy who grows up observing how the streets run.  In the video, which was shot in Santo Domingo by director Arismendi Merejo and under the production of Ad Media Films, we see how Poeta identifies with the young boy.
“This song is very important to me. It echoes the reality of the Dominican Republic and also talks about what’s happening in other cities in Latin America. It embodies the realness of the streets and the beat is catchy so you can sing and dance to it in the club. It talks about what happens in the streets, about economic problems, about all of our realities, what we see, what we feel and how we suffer, only this time we gave it a comedic spin,” explains Poeta Callejero.
Tigre Decente is one of the most awaited albums within the urban genre including other hit singles such as “Kamasutra (Remix)” and “Videos y Fotos.”
Poeta Callejero banks on his vast and very loyal fan base that savors every single one of his songs. His fans have been known to create their own videos with Poeta’s music that have gone viral becoming international hits. Tours in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the U.S. and Europe are an indication of Poeta’s popular demand and that his rhetorical power is catching fire.
The Dominican artist has already recorded over 10 videos that have garnered over20 million views on his official YouTube channel.  Songs like “Cotorra 101” (Running Game 101), “4 Patas” (Four Legs), “Baby You”, “Historias de Amor” (Stories of Love), “Un Loco Como Yo” (Someone Crazy Like Me) and “10 Mujeres” (10 Women), among others, are part of the incredible repertoire that have given way for this urban star to rise to the top.