Projecto Uno responds to a fake single

"Projecto Uno responds to a fake single"

On June 18, 2010 a request to cease and desist was filed (Cease and Desist) addressed to Donnie Linton, former manager of the renowned group Proyecto Uno this on grounds of trademark rights and previous expired contracts.

Jon D. Jekielek, a lawyer for Nelson Zapata, current owner of the name of the group, was given the task of carrying legally through a legal letter demanding Mr. Linton and Hogland Records to stop using the name Proyecto Uno for commercial purposes of any nature. According to Rafael Zapata, brother of Nelson Zapata, Mr. Linton waited for the name “Project One” to expire in the trademark department of the United States, and without any warning proceeded to request the name of the group. Members of the group were aware of what was happening and kept it hidden from Nelson.

The reason Nelson Zapata, the owner of the trademark Proyecto Uno for more than 25 years and Rafael Zapata, brother of the same, decided to proceed legally is because the group’s latest album will be released in the coming months. “Our concern is that two products go to the market with the same name, and this might confuse our supporters, also the name Proyecto Uno belongs to my brother since the year 1989,” said Rafael Zapata. Some of the accusations against the former manager include misrepresentation, illegal and fraudulent registration of the mark, and other claims that will be announced later.

During this process, Rafael Zapata makes a point to clarify that Nelson Zapata, the current leader and member of the group, has not abandoned the group and never had any intention of leaving his band. “In conversations between the two parties, Nelson informed the group’s management that our father was going to have heart surgery and he would be in New York to assist with our father’s recuperation “, said Rafael. During this time, Nelson as a member was removed from Proyecto Uno’s websites, giving fans the impression of neglect and that Nelson had left the group.

Despite the delicate situation, Proyecto Uno promises an explosive return full of surprises, which undoubtedly will captivate its fans. “What we are experiencing is just a bump in the road, but we have the necessary legal representation and are focused on giving the best to our fans, “said Nelson Zapata, confident in the success of the process in question.

Nelson soon will announce the new members of Proyecto Uno, since the rest of the members have decided to work with the former manager.

For information about the trajectory of Proyecto Uno, go the official website.