“Puerto Rico Rising: Loíza” Mini-Doc – 3 Months After The Hurricane Devastation – on TIDAL

"“Puerto Rico Rising: Loíza” Mini-Doc – 3 Months After The Hurricane Devastation – on TIDAL"

Today, TIDAL released a mini-documentary “Puerto Rico Rising: Loíza” an encapsulation of the Afro-Latinx town in Puerto Rico – Loíza –  after Hurricane Maria where many are still left without access to watch, electricity and food and left to figure out how they will overcome this.

The documentary spotlights the residents of Loíza as they speak out on how they’ve banded together to unite and support one another throughout their road to recovery,despite being overlooked by the government’s aid and relief efforts. Throughout the documentary, residents touch on a vast amount of struggles they’ve endured (both, pre and post devastation) as well as initiatives they’d like to bring to light to better the overall conditions within the community, including:

  • Increasing the amount of youth programs throughout the town
  • Empowering more organizations to give back to their community
  • Providing more support for the single mother’s fighting for their families
  • The importance of raising awareness for their small but powerful community as they continue to take a stand to be heard

You can watch the entire documentary on TIDAL.com/PuertoRicoRising and embed the code to site using the code here: http://tdl.sh/PRRising

“Puerto Rico Rising: Loíza” furthers TIDAL’s commitment to supporting philanthropic endeavors and key social issues that the music community is passionate about. Earlier this year, TIDAL raised $3.7 million through their third annual TIDAL X: Brooklyn benefit concert which donated proceeds to relief and recovery organizations in support of those affected by the various unprecedented natural disasters including, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, and the earthquakes in Mexico. The TIDAL X: Puerto Rico initiative, which emerged from TIDAL X: Brooklyn, continued fundraising efforts by sending five cargo planes of supplies to the affected areas in Puerto Rico.