Rodrigo Solo premieres “Tal Vez No Se Hunda El Barco” Live From Chacao exclusively on People en Español

"Rodrigo Solo premieres “Tal Vez No Se Hunda El Barco” Live From Chacao exclusively on People en Español"

Rodrigo-SoloThis live and direct recording by Rodrigo Solo along with a top-notch band, marked the day when he first introduced the project No Estás Solo (You Are Not Alone) to the public.  And so today at 5 pm (EST) Rodrigo’s fans will have the first glimpse of this highly anticipated production exclusively on

No Estás Solo is a multifaceted project comprised of music, art and communication with a message of solidarity with the victims and political refugees in the wake of the public protests that began on February 2014 in Venezuela. Music and protests together in one room; hence, the title of his new album No Estás Solo.
The project No Estás Solo is layered with various artistic disciplines such as music, visual art, street art, and photography.  As a result, the project became viral on social media through the hashgtag #NoEstasSolo managing to inspire and convey a message of solidarity to political refugees in Venezuela including Leopoldo Lopez who is currently serving a sentence for protesting against the government’s abuses in Venezuela.
The partnership between Rodrigo Solo and Un Mundo Sin Mordaza, an NGO fighting for freedom of speech and human rights, reached many people who attended the premiere of the album, which was the pinnacle of the project.  The vast majority of attendees came to hear these songs for the first time as this was the first time that Rodrigo played the album No Estás Solo from which the single“Tal Vez No Se Hunda El Barco” (Perhaps the Ship Wont Sink) is part of.  The venue he chose the Chacao Theatre in Caracas, a building that looks like a red origami and a few blocks where Leopoldo Lopez surrendered to government forces.
Rodrigo Solo affirms, “For this occasion, I tried to gather some of the artists I admire most from the [local] scene on one stage in order to amplify the live performances of these songs and close this No Estás Solo project with a spectacular finish. We knew we were filming the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one.”