“Seinfeld’s” John O’Hurley and J. Peterman Bring the Urban Sombrero to Life

"“Seinfeld’s” John O’Hurley and J. Peterman Bring the Urban Sombrero to Life"

Wait what? Yes, you read the title correctly! O’Hurley and Peterman have teamed up with Kickstarter to finance the development of new products for both men and women, returning the J. Peterman catalog to the unique, customer-focused, rule breaking company that it once was. And rather than go the traditional financing route, their Kickstarter union offers everyone a seat on the ride. In addition to the Urban Sombrero, as part of the exciting Kickstarter rewards they are offering to take pledgers on an international buying trip, as well as uncommonly good stuff that can all be found here:


The brown head-topper, which looks like a cross between a sombrero and a Mountie hat (think Pharrell at the 2014 Grammys), was featured in an episode in which Elaine runs the J. Peterman retail company after her boss goes to Burma.Elaine puts her idea for an urban sombrero on the cover of the catalogue, but it ends up being a huge flop and sparks a backlash from those who bought it.

O18f080bb-e625-4896-9496-f5d1f4a6bf1fver the past 2 decades, J. Peterman has resisted the many demands from O’Hurley to offer the Urban Sombrero in the catalog because it wasn’t an authentic item. But after 20 years, it has served enough time in purgatory and has now has earned its authenticity.

John O’Hurley, the award-winning actor, is best known as “J. Peterman” on “Seinfeld,” which is now the #1 syndicated series in the world in 85 countries. He danced his way into the hearts of America as the ultimate champion of the highly rated ABC show “Dancing with the Stars,” and after hosting the hugely successful popular syndicated show “Family Feud,” he returned to the stage in front of sold-out audiences on Broadway in CHICAGO, as the male lead “Billy Flynn” and headlined a tour of duty stint as the head of the Round Table,King Arthur, in Eric Idle’s hilarious musical comedy “Monty Python’s Spamalot.” The regular host of NBC Sports highest rated yearly show, “The National Dog Show presented by Purina,” a thirteen-old Thanksgiving tradition to 22 million viewers.

J. Peterman has been traveling the world to find uncommonly good stuff for over a quarter century. During this time, The J. Peterman Company has brought romance and uniqueness to individuals and their lives with authentic, well-made apparel and goods from just around the corner and the world at large.