SESAC Latina Hails the Creativity of its Songwriters and Artists nominated to the 2015 LATIN GRAMMY

"SESAC Latina Hails the Creativity of its Songwriters and Artists nominated to the 2015 LATIN GRAMMY"
The 16th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards® have announced the nominees for this year’s awards andSESAC’s affiliated songwriters and artists once again prove they are the best in the industry landing nominations in such premier categories as Song of the Year, Best Urban Performance, Best Regional Mexican Song and Best Norteño Album.
Leading the way with three nominations is Nicky Jam, the pioneer and cutting-edge leader of the Latin urban genre. He’s the creator and lead performer of the hit single “El Perdón” (Forgiveness), which has achieved 29 consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboard. Another nominee is Luciano Luna, the 2014 and 2015SESAC Latina Songwriter of the Year, whose composition “Me Sobrabas Tú” (I Had Too Much of You), performed by Banda Los Recoditos, is nominated for Best Regional Mexican Song.
Furthermore, the creativity of SESAC Latina songwriters is evident in their songs that are included in nominated albums.
The complete list of 2015 LATIN GRAMMY®-nominated SESAC Latina songwriters, singer-songwriters, and artists is as follows:
Record of the Year
La Vida Entera (My Whole Life)
Camila Feat. Marco Antonio Solís
Recording Engineer: Adrián Trujillo
Song of the Year
Hoy Es Domingo (Today is Sunday)
Diego Torres
Songwriter: Antonio Rayo Gibo
Best Urban Performance
* El Perdón (Forgiveness)
Nicky Jam feat. Enrique Iglesias
* Una Cita (Remix) (A Date)
Alkilados Featuring J Alvarez, El Roockie and Nicky Jam
Best Urban Music Album
 * Greatest Hits Vol 1
Nicky Jam
Best Regional Mexican Song
* Me Sobrabas Tú (I Had Too Much of You)
Banda Los Recoditos
Songwriter: Luciano Luna
SESAC Latina also recognizes its affiliates who worked on 2015 Latin Grammy®-nominated projects:
Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album
* A Quien Quiera Escuchar (To Whomever Wants to Listen)
Ricky Martin
Antonio Rayo Gibo – “Adiós”
Antonio Rayo Gibo – “Perdóname” (Forgive Me)
Antonio Rayo Gibo – “Náufrago” (Shipwreck)
Antonio Rayo Gibo – “Cuando Me Acuerdo De Ti” (When I Remember You)
Best Urban Music Album
* Farruko Presents Los Menores
Songwriter: Nicky Jam – “No Soy” (I’m Not)
* El Que Sabe, Sabe
Tego Calderón
Paul “Echo” Irizarry y Michael Colón – “Mamey”
Paul “Echo” Irizarry – “Y Quién Diría”
Paul “Echo” Irizarry – “Quisiera Ser Cantante”
 Best Tropical Fusion Album
* Radio Universo
Chino y Nacho
Gilberto “Bibi” Marin – “Me Voy Enamorando” (I’m Falling in Love)
* El Mismo (The Same)
Nicky Jam – “Cuando Te Veo” (When I See You)
Best Banda Album
* El Aferrado (The Clingy Man)
Julión Álvarez y Su Norteño Banda
Víctor “El Kompa” Chente – “Mis Travesuras” (My Mischief)
Víctor “El Kompa” Chente – “El Tomasin”
Luis Zarate – “Me Voy A Vengar” (I’m Going to Get Revenge)
América Sierra – “Qué Daría” (What Would I Give)
* Mi Vicio Más Grande (My Greatest Vice)
Banda El Recodo De Don Cruz Lizárraga
Luciano Luna – “Mi Vicio Más Grande” (My Greatest Vice)
Luciano Luna y Miguel Ángel Romero – “De Haber Sabido” (If I’d Known)
Freddy Ozuna – “La Miel De Su Saliva” (The Honey of Your Saliva)
Luciano Luna – “Si No Es Contigo” (If It’s Not With You)
Luciano Luna – “Mi Segundo Frente” (My Second Front)
Miguel Ángel Romero – “Por No Perderte Te Perdí” (I Lost You By Trying Not To)
Arturo Valdez Ozuna – “La Gorra De Lado” (The Side-Facing Ball Cap)
* Dejando Huella (Leaving a Mark)
Banda Rancho Viejo
César Estrada – “El Borrachito” (The Drunk Guy)
César Estrada – “Qué Ganas” (These Desires)
Luis Siqueiros – “Qué Machín” (How Macho)
Luis Siqueiros – “El Borracho” (The Drunk Man)
Luis Siqueiros – “Mil Veces Te Quiero” (I Love You 1,000 Times)
Arturo Valdez Ozuna – “La Correteada” (The Used-Up Woman)
Luciano Luna – “Dejando Huellas” (Leaving a Mark)
Rafael Becerra – “Guardemos El Secreto” (We’ll Keep the Secret)
* Ojos En Blanco (Eyes Rolled Back)
La Arrolladora Banda El Limón De René Camacho
Tláloc Noriega Padilla – “Lo Hiciste Otra Vez” (You Did It Again)
Luciano Luna – “Te Lo Dije” (I Told You)
Ricardo Orrantia – “Ojos En Blanco” (Eyes Rolled Back)
Rafael Becerra y Fernando Camacho – “Para Qué Pides Perdón” (What Are You Apologizing For)
Arturo Valdez Ozuna – “Hecho En Sinaloa” (Made in Sinaloa)
Fernando Camacho – “Y Yo Qué Gano” (What Good Does It Do Me)
Edén Muñoz – “Ya Te Perdí La Fe” (I Lost Faith in You)
Fernando Camacho – “Te Dejo Libre” (I Set You Free)
* Aluciné (I Hallucinated)
El Coyote y Su Banda Tierra Santa
Luis Siqueiros – “Se Prendió El Cerro”
Best Norteño Album
* El Karma
Ariel Camacho y Los Plebes Del Rancho
Miguel Ángel Romero – “Por No Perderte Te Perdí” (I Lost You By Trying Not To)
Luciano Luna – “Arrodíllate” (Kneel)
* Mi Vida En Vida (My Real Life)
Remmy Valenzuela
Luciano Luna – “Te Pesará” (It Will Weigh On You)
* Levantando Polvadera (Kicking Up Dust)
Voz De Mando
Karenia Cervantes – “Levantando Polvadera” (Kicking up Dust)
Luciano Luna – “Física y Química” (Physics and Chemistry)
Julián Mercado – “El 14”
Julián Mercado – “La Clika”
* Abrázame (Embrace Me)
Luciano Luna – “Cada Vez Que Te Quiero Olvidar” (Every Time I Want to Forget You)
Best Regional Mexican Song
Todo Tuyo (All Yours)
Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga
Songwriter: Mauricio Arriaga

The Latin Recording Academy has announced that its 16th annual awards ceremony will be held for the eighth time in Las Vegas. Scheduled for Thursday, November 19, this gala event will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and be televised live by Univisión from 8-11 p.m.
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